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Here, you will find the list of Chae Soo Bin K-dramas, as well as her bio and facts. She is one of the most popular Korean actresses known for her roles in series like “Love In the Moonlight”, “Where Stars Land”, “Cheer Up!”, “The Rebel”, “I’m Not a Robot”, and other.
Chae Soo Bin Kdrama List
Chae Soo Bin Kdrama List

Here, you will find the list of Chae Soo Bin K-dramas, as well as her bio and facts. She is one of the most popular Korean actresses known for her roles in series like “Love In the Moonlight”, “Where Stars Land”, “Cheer Up!”, “The Rebel”, “I’m Not a Robot”, and other.

The actress debuted with the 2014 film “My Dictator” after a casting director noticed her on the streets. Shortly after that, Chae starred in “Dictator”, another film, and only then starred in “House of Bluebird”, her first drama.

However, the youth rom-com Korean series “Cheer Up” and the well-known historical “Love In the Moonlight” were the first ones to raise her popularity.

Chae Soo Bin Dramas Cheer Up Sassy Go Go
Cheer Up! (Sassy, Go-Go) | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

Cheer Up! (Sassy, Go-Go)

For her performance in this youth K-drama, Chae received the Best New Actress award (APAN Star and KBS Drama Awards).

It’s a high school drama centering on the life of the students within the walls of a prestigious boarding school. The institution prepares the students who show the best results for the highest-rated universities, while those who rank last become forgotten. With such a system, everyone feels like they compete with each other.

As if it isn’t enough, they are divided into two dance teams. One of the crews consists only of the richest and most sharp-witted students and another one is made up of those who are left behind. With so much competition and hate among the teams, it seems there’s no chance they can unite the powers.

Obviously, a school rom-com can’t do without romance. The interesting thing is that it’s the captains of these dance teams who are gradually falling in love with each other.

love in the moonlight chae soo bin historical drama
Love In The Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

Love In The Moonlight

For her performance in this coming-of-age historical, Chae Soo Bin earned recognition and received the Excellence Award Nomination at the KBS Drama Awards. “Love In The Moonlight” (also titled “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”) became one of the most popular Korean historical melodramas. The series itself was complimented on its production, music, and brilliant acting.

The actions in the series take place in the 19th century Joseon and immerse us into the life of the Royal Palace. We are introduced to a lovely main couple – the crown prince and a girl disguised as a man. It’s interesting to watch how the prince slowly falls for the girl when he doesn’t even realize that she is actually female.

Chae Soo Bin doesn’t play the girl who disguises herself as a eunuch. She stars as another main character, the daughter of one of the most influential Ministers.

the rebel chae soo bin korean actress
Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

In this period K-drama, Chae played her first prime-time leading role. She got true recognition after staring in it.

The sageuk centers on the life of the first revolutionary activist during the reign of the despotic king Yeonsan. Hong Gil Dong is known as the Korean Robin Hood, the hero for many people.

Having experienced all the burdens of life himself, the protagonist leads the band of smugglers who work to protect the poor.

strongest deliveryman chae soo bin drama
Strongest Deliveryman | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

Strongest Deliveryman

In this youth rom-com, Chae plays another leading role, a delivery worker. She is unsatisfied with her standards of living and almost hates the country she lives in.

Changing her life for the better (which means making big money and becoming a rich folk) has become her main priority. Thus, she is not interested in anything not connected to her aim, and men are included in that list. So, when she meets Choi Kang Soo, another delivery man, she doesn’t show any interest in him.

Unlike her, Choi does his work as best as he can, even though he also has a poor background. Will their attitude to life change if they become closer?

I'm not a robot korean series chae soo bin
I’m Not a Robot | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

I’m Not a Robot

Here’s another famous role of Chae Soo Bin! She stars in the rom-com K-drama “I’m Not a Robot” both as a girl and as a robot! Yes, you’ve heard that right. The concept of the series is mind-blowing.

The robot K-drama tells the story of a man who has a horrible skin allergy to humans. He has been living in loneliness since his very childhood. Despite his wealth, he can’t find the way out of this disaster.
Everything changes once he receives the newly invented robot. However, because of an accident, a real girl is wrapped up in the box, not a robot.

chae soo bin series where stars land
Where Stars Land | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

Where Stars Land

Chae also played the main role in the airport-themed series “Where Stars Land”. For her work in this project, she won the Excellence Award (SBS Drama Awards) and was also chosen to be an ambassador of Incheon International Airport.

The actress stars as a bubbly Passenger Services team member. She tries her best to get everything right, but her temper and character get in the way.

One day, she crosses her path with the guy from the General Planning department. Mysterious and aloof, he is the complete opposite of her. The strange secret that he hides from everyone distances him from anyone he tries to get along with. The story centers primarily on these two Incheon Airport workers.

a piece of your mind chae soo bin kdrama actress profile
A Piece of Your Mind | Chae Soo Bin Korean Dramas | kdramaplanet

A Piece of Your Mind

The actress was also cast in the romance series “A Piece of Your Mind”, where she played the classical music recording engineer.

In the series, she stars as the character whose life isn’t the easiest. Without a family and an appropriate place to stay at, the girl has always been living a lonely life. However, she manages to keep being optimistic even in the darkest days.

One day, she comes across quite a popular man – the founder of one of the most popular portal sites, the master of artificial intelligence programming. Although he is a workaholic, he is a kindhearted man perfect in every way. However, he gets very vulnerable when it comes to love affairs.

The series shows that there are cases when totally different opposites can make a whole.

chae soo bin facts personal info career and filmography
Chae Soo Bin Facts, Personal Info, Career & Filmography | kdramaplanet


  • Her birth name coincides with the stage name of Bae Soo Bin, also the actor. This, the actress’s name was changed to “Chae Soo Bin”.

Personal Info

  • Birthdate: July 10, 1994
  • First Name: Soo Bin
  • Family Name: Bae
  • Other Names: Chae Su Bin; Bae Su Bin
  • Hometown: Anyang
  • Education: Konkuk University
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Sign: Dog
  • Height: 167 cm


  • Years Active: 2014 – present
  • Agent: King Kong by Starship
  • Specialties: actress
  • Acting Debut: 2014, the film “My Dictator”


K-Dramas:Spy; House of Bluebird; My Catman; Love In the Moonlight; Shopaholic Louis; The Rebel; Strongest Deliveryman; Drama Special; I’m Not a Robot; Where Stars Land; A Piece of Your Mind
Films:My Dictator; Night With a Perfect Stranger; Sori: Voice From The Heart; Rosebud; M. Boy; Sweet and Sour; The Pirates 2
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