Bae Suzy Kdramas and Facts

Bae Suzy Kdramas and Facts

Here, you will find Bae Suzy facts and most popular K-dramas! There are the facts about her as well as information on K-dramas she has starred in. “While You Were Sleeping”, “Start-Up”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, and “Gu Family Book” are some of the most popular series Suzy has been cast in.
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-D...
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas

Here, you will find Bae Suzy facts and her most popular K-dramas! There are the facts about her as well as information on K-dramas she has starred in. “While You Were Sleeping”, “Start-Up”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, and “Gu Family Book” are some of the most popular series Suzy has been cast in. Want to know more about Bae Suzy, a popular Korean actress and singer? Keep reading and you will learn more about her and all these dramas!

Bae Su Ji, mostly known as Bae Suzy, has portrayed a great number of diverse characters. You might have seen her on screen as a martial arts instructor, a singer, a journalist, a documentary producer, a student, a wife, or a girl in love.

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | She Started As A K-Pop Trainee | kdramaplanet

She Started As A K-Pop Trainee

You might be a fan of Bae Suzy, or you might have seen some of her dramas, but you still might not know that initially, she started her career as a model for online shops. One of the most demanded actresses in the industry, she started as a model, then transferred into the music industry, and only after that ventured into acting!

First, Suzy passed the auditions for MNET’s reality show Superstar K. Although she soon was eliminated, the scouts from JYP Entertainment offered her a trainee spot. The agency debuted their four-member K-pop girl group, Miss A. Suzy became a part of the project. She was the maknae, vocalist, and rapper of the group. After some of the members left the group, the company announced its disbandment.

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | The Hot New Star | kdramaplanet

The Hot New Star

After the disbandment of Miss A, Bae Suzy went solo. She continues her music career as well as being the host for various shows events, and award ceremonies like Golden Disc Awards, SeoulMusic Awards, and MBC Show.

Acting Debut: The Interesting but The Hardest Project

Alongside the activities in the group and after leaving it, Suzy started starring in K-dramas. She debuted as an actress playing in the teen drama “Dream High”, which became a local success. Furthermore, she released the OST “Winter Child” for the series.

After her performance in the TV series, Suzy became recognized in the acting industry and won several awards: Best New Actress and Best Couple (KBS Drama Awards). Here, the actress starred as a rising K-pop star, the character quite similar to her. The series centered on the lives of students within the school that produces K-pop idols.

In one of her interviews, Suzy noted the whole process of shooting the series was fun and intense, but she was scolded a lot. She was not really satisfied with her skills since she thought she lacked proper preparation and was lacking in many aspects. Regardless, the actress had a busy schedule and did her best.

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | Acting Debut | kdramaplanet

Dream High

The rom-com drama revolves around six students who study at an art school. The institution is aimed to help them become K-pop icons and prepare them for the music industry. Bae Suzy stars here as Go Hye My, the main character. She majored in classical music but has to enter art school to pay off the debt of her father.

An interesting thing is that she has no choice but to help two other students also enroll in the institution. Interestingly, one of them becomes her biggest rival!

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | A Successful Film Debut – Architecture 101 | kdramaplanet

A Successful Film Debut | Architecture 101

“Architecture 101” became the first film for Suzy. She starred in the film for the first time! It turned out to be one of the most popular Korean films of the year when it was released. The actress won the Best New Actress award for her performance (Baeksang Arts Awards). There, she starred as the female character, but the younger, past version of her.

bae suzy uncontrollably fond korean drama
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | Uncontrollably Fond | kdramaplanet

Uncontrollably Fond

After “Dream High”, the actress played primarily supporting roles. It wasn’t until the romance series “Uncontrollably Fond” that she landed a leading role. For this one, she even released two OSTs! After playing the lead character in this drama, she began appearing in high-rated series and films (like the one below, for example).

gu family book fantasy historical tv show bae su ji suzy
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | Gu Family Book | kdramaplanet

Gu Family Book

In this historical fusion Korean drama, Suzy played one of the main characters. She starred as a tomboy talented in martial arts and archery. One day, she came across a half-mythical and half-human guy. It’s a good rom-com for all fans of romance and historical fantasy.

the sound of a flower bae su ji korean series
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | The Sound of A Flower | kdramaplanet

The Sound of A Flower

To get ready for the role in this historical rom-com, Suzy went to pansori classes (traditional Korean musical storytelling) for a year! She played the first female pansori singer in Korea who came through various obstacles to perform in public. Since the series is set in the Joseon era, women weren’t allowed to perform in the public because of their gender.

To be precise, Suzy stared as a young girl who dreamed of learning pansori. Initially, she was inspired by a pansori teacher whom she once heard performing. However, the teacher refused to teach her because of that discrimination matter.

Nonetheless, the stubborn girl found a way out – disguised as a man, she entered the pansori school. But still, the teacher she wanted to learn from didn’t agree to accept her as a student.

One day, the teacher found out that the King’s father wanted to hold a contest where Pandora performers would compete against each other. Since the teacher knew the desperate girl had true talent, he agreed to teach her to send to the competition. However, they made a huge risk by doing so, since a woman’s participation in the contest might be punished by the death penalty for both – the student and the teacher.

while you were sleeping bae suzy korean actress lee jong suk
Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | While You Were Sleeping | kdramaplanet

While You Were Sleeping

Then, the actress appeared in the fantasy series “While You Were Sleeping”, where she starred as a woman with supernatural abilities (let’s say so). After a catastrophe, the woman started seeing dreams of future tragic events happening to other people. It could be the people she knew or complete strangers. Much more interesting events started to happen when she met a prosecutor (played by Lee Jong Suk) and learned that there were more people with similar talent.

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | Start Up | kdramaplanet

Start Up

It might seem that Suzy played quite a wide range of characters in dramas of all possible genres, but here’s another surprise. The actress played an ambitious entrepreneur in the Netflix tech drama “Start-Up”.

In the series, Suzy played the character who lived in Sandbox, Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley and dreamt of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs. Her character was a true workaholic dreaming of launching a startup. She worked alongside Nam Joo Hyuk, who starred in the drama as a math genius.
She doesn’t essentially focus on the screen time when choosing a project.

Her professionalism was especially recognized in the film “Ashfall”. Suzy wanted to take the role even though her screen time in the film is quite short. The actress says she selects the projects depending on the scenario and the genre, not the time she appears on the screen. She chose to take part in this project since she liked the scenario and it was of a genre that she had never previously done.

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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | kdramaplanet

She just wants to keep doing what she loves

Since debuting as a K-pop artist in her teenage years, Suzy has been working nonstop as a member of the K-pop group, then a solo artist, and an actress. She achieved popularity and prosperity at an age when no one usually has them, so she didn’t take it too seriously. Even know, Suzy doesn’t want to accomplish something big, she simply wants to continue doing work she loves.


  • The actress had the first public relationship with Lee Min Ho (for two and a half years) and the second one with Lee Dong Wook (for several months).
  • Bae Suzy became the first female celebrity in Korea who won a film/singer/variety rookie awards.
  • The actress became the first female star in Korea to have a wax figure of herself at Madame Tussauds.
  • She debuted as a solo singer in 2017. “Pretend”, the pre-released single was highly successful on music charts.
  • Suzy says she prefers extreme sports like parkour, racing, and climbing over manual feminine activities.
  • Suzy has been named the “CF Queen” because of the great number of endorsement deals. Moreover, her fans have given her the name of the “Human Dior”, since she has always been wearing the brand.
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Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas | Personal Info & Career, Filmography | kdramaplanet

Personal Info

  • Birthdate: October 10, 1994
  • Birth Name: Bae Su Ji
  • Other Names: Suzy
  • Hometown: Gwangju
  • Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Chinese Sign: Dog
  • Height: 168 cm


  • Years Active: 2010 – present
  • Agent: Management SOOP
  • Specialties: actress, model, singer
  • Acting Debut: 2011, “Dream High”


K-Dramas:Dream High; Dream High 2; I Need a Fairy; Big; Gu Family Book; My Love from the Star; Uncontrollably Fond; While You Were Sleeping; Vagabond, Start Up
Films:Architecture 101; The Sound of a Flower; Real; Ashfall; Live Your Strength; Wonderland
Music Videos: Together in Love; Dream; Yes No Maybe; Don’t Wait For Your Love; I’m in Love with Someone Else; Holiday; Sober; Midnight
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