Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses kdramaplanet

Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses kdramaplanet

Here, you will find the list of the top 7 famous and most beautiful K-Drama actresses, their short biographies, and their works!
Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-D...
Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses

Here, you will find the list of the top 7 famous and most beautiful K-Drama actresses, their short biographies, and their works! Also, we encourage you to vote on the pole and leave a comment at the end of the article!

  1. Kim So Hyun
  2. Park Min Young
  3. IU
  4. Bae Suzy
  5. Park Bo Young
  6. Kim Go Eun
  7. Chae Soo Bin

7. Chae Soo Bin

Chae Soo Bin Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses  kdramaplanet
Chae Soo Bin | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

One of the most famous and beautiful K-drama actresses, Chae Soo Bin was noticed by a casting director on the streets. Soon after that, she debuted with the movie Dictator (2014).

By the way, the name under which she was born is the same as the stage name of another popular actor, Bae Soo-bin. That’s why the actress’s stage name is different from her birth name.

Chae is so stunning and sophisticated! She radiates such an unforgettable aura of elegance that people do not believe she is so young. The actress became well known for her role in the youth K-drama Cheer Up! (2015) and one of the most popular historicals, Love in the Moonlight. The first one won her Best New Actress awards (KBS Drama, ARAN Star), while the second got her an Excellence Award nomination (KBS Drama). Her leading role in Rebel, another period series made Chae’s name even more recognizable.

Check out the article Chae Soo Bin | From Historical To Youth Rom-Com K-Dramas to learn more facts about the actress, as well as get acquainted with the list of her dramas!

  • most well-known roles: Love in the Moonlight, Cheer up!, The Rebel, I’m Not a Robot, Strongest Deliveryman, A Piece of Your Mind, Where Stars Land.

6. Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun most popular and beautiful kdrama actresses
Kim Go Eun | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

One of the best and most popular K-drama actresses, Kim Go Eun, can also been known to you as a singer. What are some of her most well-known roles and what inspired her to choose her career path?

It happened so that Kim spent her childhood in Beijing, China. Chen Kaige’s Chinese drama Together influenced her so much that the girl decided to become a filmmaker. After returning to Korea, Kim enrolled at the Korea National University of Arts to study Drama.

The interesting fact is that the actress made her debut in a film, not in a TV drama. She had been playing roles in movies for quite a long time before staring in K-dramas. First, she played a 17-year-old in A Muse (2012), for which she received several Best New Actress awards. Another interesting fact is that before A Muse, Kim had never starred in a movie or a drama. Not even in a minor role. She had acting experience only in school plays and productions. However, it was she who had been chosen among all 300 actresses who auditioned for the role.

Right after her debut, Kim went back to studying to complete the degree in college. However, after completing her studies, she acted in a wide variety of Korean films. She demonstrated her versatility by playing a psychotic woman in the thriller Monster and starring in a female-driven thriller Coin Lockef Girl, martial arts historical drama Memories of The Sword, family movie Canola, and courtroom movie The Advocate: A Missing Boy.

Finally, the actress made her television debut in 2016. She starred in the popular drama Cheese in the Trap. Thanks to her outstanding performance, Kim won the Best New Actress Television award (Baeksang Arts). That same year, she played one of the leading roles in the mega-popular fantasy Korean drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. The series became a true cultural phenomenon in the country! Her next highly popular role was the one in another fantasy series, The King: Eternal Monarch. It was one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. Talking about ratings, its very first episode exceeded all expectations. Kim also acted in Korea’s first-ever musical movie, Hero, where she played a former Gungnyeo turned Geisha.

  • most well-known roles: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Cheese in the Trap, The King: Eternal Monarch.

5. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young top popular and beautiful korean drama actresses

One of the most loved and famous actresses, Park Bo Young has got a great range of dramas under her belt. Dubbed as the “Romantic Comedy Queen”, “Nation’s Little Sister”, she is also one of the highest-paid actresses on cable channel tvN.

Park officially debuted in 2006 starring in school drama Secret Campus. There were also many other works during the early period of her career such as the historical series The King and I, horror thriller Don’t Click, teen from-com Hot Young Blood, mystery thriller The Silenced, and teen K-drama Jungle Fish.

However, it was her role in the comedy Scandal Makers that led to the rising of her popularity. After starring in the film, she received the Best New Actress award. Her other popular role was in the film A Werewolf Boy. It became one of the most successful Korean romantic films of all time! Korean rom-com series Oh My Ghost, where Park played dual roles (!), became another big hit drama. For this role, the actress won the Best Actress award (APAN Star Awards). Park also played a character with superhuman strength in the highly popular K-drama Strong Girl Bong-soon, widening the range of the dramas she starred in even more!

  • most well-known roles: A Werewolf Boy, Oh My Ghost, Collective Invention, You Call It Passion, Scandal Makers, On Your Wedding Day, Scandal Makers, Abyss, Strong Woman Bong Soon.

4. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy 7 best korean actresses
Bae Suzy | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

One of the most sought-after actresses in South Korea, Bae Su Ji, started her career as an online shopping model! Suzy transferred into a music career after being approached by a scout when she was a contestant in the reality show Superstar K.

Soon after that happened, she debuted with Miss A and even became a music show host. It’s difficult to believe that Suzy became starring in K-dramas only after all these accomplishments, not connected to acting. She debuted with the TV series Dream High (2011), which made her famous among K-drama fans. Moreover, a year later, she also made a successful film debut starring in Architecture 101. You can learn more about her acting career in the article Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas

Such talent as Suzy is unstoppable. So, apart from starring in various K-dramas, the actress debuted as a solo singer in 2017.

  • most well-known roles: Uncontrollably Fond, Dream High, While You Were Sleeping, Gu Family Book, Start-Up, Vagabond, films Ashfall, Architecture 101.

3. IU

IU lee ji eun most well known and sought after korean actresses asia
IU | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

Lee Ji Eun (also known as IU) is not only one of the best-selling Korean solo singers and influential icons but also a popular actress. However, she did start her career in the entertainment industry as a singer. IU went solo from the very beginning. She became a trainee in far 2007 and debuted at the age of fifteen! By the way, before her debut, her entertainment company gave her stage name “IU” (which is derived from “I and You”).

Besides her activities as a singer, IU has also succeeded as an actress. The variety show Heroes helped IU to get public visibility. Shortly after the show, she joined the cast of the teen series Dream High. However, it wasn’t until the 50-episode drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin that she played her first leading role.

Soon after that, the actress was cast in the rom-com Bel Ami for which she was nominated in the Outstanding Korean Actress category. IU has also starred in some of the highest-rated Korean dramas such as My Mister, Hotel Del Luna, and Moon Lovers. Moreover, she often composes and sings the songs on the soundtracks to the series.

Check out the article IU Career, History & Profile | K-Pop Solo Singers to find more information about IU’s filmography.

  • most well-known roles: Persona, Hotel del Luna, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Pretty Man, My Mister, Lee Soon-shin, You’re the Best, The Producers.

2. Park Min Young

Park Min Young top talanted and charming asian actresses
Park Min Young | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

You can notice this actress in a great number of coming of age/highly successful Korean dramas. Park Min Young has starred in melodramas, historicals, legal series, comedies, horror and action dramas, as well as several Chinese series!

Park entered acting with the sitcom High Kick! In 2006. After her successful debut, the actress played various characters in Korean TV series: the only gangster’s daughter in I Am Sam, an evil princess in La Myung Go, a nine-tailed fox (mythical creature) in Hometown of Legends, and a girl choosing between two marathon runners in Running, Gu. Yet, it was the coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal that was a breakthrough for her career. Soon after this, she had another success with City Hunter.

Whether Park plays an idealistic intern (A New Leaf), a tabloid reporter (Healer), a lawyer (Remember), a Queen (Queen for Seven Days), a fangirl (Her Private Life), an unemployed teacher (When the Weather Is Fine), or a secretary (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim), she is outstanding!

  • most well-known roles: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, When the Weather Is Fine, Queen for Seven Days, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Her Private Life, Healer, City Hunter, Dr. Jin, A New Leaf, Remember, Glory Jane; film the Cat; Chinese dramas Braveness of the Ming and City of Time.

1. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun top list of the most famous and pretty korean actresses
Kim So Hyun | Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses | kdramaplanet

One of the most well-known Hallyu stars and highest-paid Asian actresses, Kim So Hyun has showcased her acting skills in the incredible range of dramas since her childhood. The actress was given such nicknames as the “Queen of Child Actors” and “Nation’s Little Sister” since she began her acting career only at seven years old and achieved quite a lot.

In fact, she was given a wide variety of names: “Korean Wave Fairy”; “Come-out-of-manhwa girl” thanks to her emotional performances and perfect ability to synchronize with the characters; “Teardrop Goddess” for her dense tears and incredible sensitivity in historical The Emperor: Owner of the Mask and “The Goddess of Historical Drama” for her emotional acting in all the period dramas she has starred in.

Although her highly popular roles in Missing You and Moon Embracing the Sun led her to fame, there’s an incredible number of her other famous roles! She has been cast in not only historical Korean dramas but also in school/horror/rom-com/musical series, some of which are based on webtoons or Korean folklore.

Kim starred as a title character for the first time in teen K-drama Who Are You: School 2015. Not only she took the title role but also played dual roles – two twin sisters. She received the award “Star of the Year” for her role in this school series.

The authors of the series The Tale of Nokdu (where Kim starred as a quick-tempered Kisaeng trainee), said that they decided she would play the lead role the very first moment they saw her at the audition. They stated there would be no one better than Kim to play this role. So Hyun earned the Excellence Award after playing this character. The director of Love Alarm, another popular Korean drama, commented that Jojo was a very difficult role, and So Hyun brilliantly coped with it thanks to her incredible acting skills.

  • most well-known roles: Page Turner, Love Alarm, Goblin, Hey Ghost, Lets Fight, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, The Tale of Nokdu, The Moon Rising River, Who Are You: School 2015, Radio Romance, The Suspicious Housemaid, Reset, I Hear Your Voice, The Girl Who Sees Smells, Nightmare Teacher, Rooftop Prince, Moon Embracing the Sun, Missing You, films Pure Love and The Last Princess.

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