Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch

Looking for a time travel Korean drama? In this top 20 list, you will find the one that will satisfy your cravings! Here, you will see the dramas of many genres and themes: action, mystery, medical, historical, youth, school, criminal, thriller, melodrama, romance, and comedy.

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Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch:

  1. Manhole (16 episodes)
  2. Tomorrow With You (16 episodes)
  3. Longing Heart / My First Love (8 episodes)
  4. Life on Mars (16 episodes)
  5. The Light In Your Eyes (12 episodes)
  6. Deserving of the Name / Live Up to Your Name (16 episodes)
  7. Reunited Worlds / Into the World Again (40 episodes)
  8. The Best Hit / Hit The Top (32 episodes)
  9. Chicago Typewriter (16 episodes)
  10. Go Back Couple (12 episodes)
  11. Signal (16 episodes)
  12. Time Slip Dr. Jin (22 episodes)
  13. Faith (24 episodes)
  14. God’s Gift: 14 Days (16 episodes)
  15. Marry Him If You Dare (16 episodes)
  16. Rooftop Prince (20 episodes)
  17. Queen in Hyun’s Man (16 episodes)
  18. Nine: Time Travel Nine Times (20 episodes)
  19. Splash Splash Love (2 episodes)
  20. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (20 episodes)

20. Manhole

manhole time travel kdramas
Manhole | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This time travel K-drama tells the intriguing story of Bong Pil, a jobless guy. He is deceiving his parents while lying to them that he is preparing for the exams. One day, he stumbles upon a manhole allowing him to travel through time. Bong Pil wants to prevent his crush from marrying another guy, so he is trying to travel to the past.

The plot might seem a little confusing since the protagonist travels through different times almost every episode. However, chances are high that you will like it and will find it interesting. Something unpredictable and new happens each time he time travels, so you can never predict what will happen next. One day you see him as a high schooler and the next day a hooligan. There are times when he acts silly and other times he is cool and manly.

Talking about romance, the story mostly goes around love triangles between the main characters. Since everyone in this group of friends we can call a protagonist, we can’t root for only one of them. This makes you keep watching the series till the very end! This drama will help you take your mind off things and relax after a stressful day.

Genres: rom-com, fantasy, thriller, drama


  • Uee as Kang Soo Jin
  • Kim Jae Joong as Bong Pil
  • Jung Hye Sung as Oh Jin Suk
  • Baro as Jo Seok Tae

19. Tomorrow With You

tomorrow with you supernatural korean dramas
Tomorrow With You | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Watching this Korean series, you will go back and forth in time, just like in the one above. However, “Tomorrow With You” has a more melancholic, serious theme. Dive into it if you want to watch an emotional and meaningful TV drama that addresses the subjects of fate and destiny. It also showcases the inescapable things in life like the tendency of people to make the same type of choices or the certain way things go despite the tries to change them.
Since it centers on the theme of enjoying the little things in life and living in the moment, it’s not a thrilling quick-paced series. This story will give you a bunch of fell good life lessons!

The story revolves around the wealthy CEO of a company who travels in time every time he takes the subway. Every time he goes into the future, he sees his lonely and unhappy life. In the hopes of changing his ill-fated future, he marries a cheerful photographer, a person he is not truly in love with. Will she change his doomed future?

Genres: romance, melodrama, drama, supernatural


  • Lee Je Hoon as Yoo So Joon
  • Shin Min Ah as Song Ma Rin, “Bap Soon”

18. Longing Heart / My First Love

longing heart my first love fantasy kdramas traveling through time
Longing Heart/My First Love | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Based on a rom-com webtoon with a fantasy element, “Longing Heart” centers on a man who regrets not confessing to his first love a decade ago. One day, he suddenly gets the chance to correct his mistake by time traveling to the past. However, this time he knows that she also liked him back in the past. In an attempt to change his past indecisiveness, he unexpectedly becomes an opponent to himself, since his crush starts to fall in love with his older self.

If you are looking for a simple story that focuses on sweet romance, give it a shot. This drama, though, has some plot twists and dull, sad moments that will tear your heart apart.

Genres: rom-com, mystery, school, fantasy, drama


  • Lee Jung Shin as Kang Shin Woo
  • Seo Ji Hoon as Kang Shin Woo
  • Lee Yeol Eum as Han Ji Soo

17. Life on Mars

life on mars korean dramas with time travel twist mystery
Life On Mars | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

The remake of the UK series of the same name, “Life on Mars” focuses on a leader of a crime investigation team. Suddenly, after working on the investigation of a serial murder case, something unusual happened to him. He woke up in 1988, time traveling to the past. However, he still works at a police station. This time, as a detective in a small city. To return to his time, the detective does his best to investigate the case.

This time travel drama is definitely for you if you like crime and suspense dramas. Although despite its main theme, the series has enough lighthearted moments to make you smile. Moreover, there are enough twists you can’t predict and they will keep you glued to the screen too. And in general, it’s enjoyable to watch how the protagonist learns to communicate with people living decades before him.

Genres: psychological, mystery, action, detective, suspense, comedy, drama


  • Jung Kyung Ho as Han Tae Joo
  • Park Sung Woong as Kang Dong Cheol
  • Go Ah Sung as Yoon Na Yeong
  • Oh Dae Hwan as Lee Yong Gi
  • Noh Jong Hyun as Jo Nam Shik

16. The Light In Your Eyes

the light in your eyes - Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch - kdramaplanet
The Light In Your Eyes – Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch – kdramaplanet

Here’s a time travel drama that gives you puzzle pieces one by one, which come together only in the last episode. So, you will get the meaning of everything only after completing the series.

“The Light In Your Eyes” centers on the life of an optimistic 26-year-old girl who dreams of becoming an announcer. Out of the blue, she discovers her ability to travel in time. From this moment, she embarks on a complicated adventure as a 70-year-old woman. Also, she crosses her path with a man who also has a dream – he wants to become a reporter. However, despite all his hard work, he throws away his time living in frustration. They bump into each other in a complicated time, and the romantic story unfolds.

If you are ready to dive into a deep heartwarming story that carries some important life morals, then start watching it. First, it might seem to you that you are introduced to a rom-com and lighthearted comedy, but then you realize you are tricked into a fantasy world full of melodrama. It will remind you of the importance of time, enjoying each moment of your life, not regretting or worrying, and living in the present.

Genres: drama, rom-com, melodrama


  • Han Ji Min as Kim Hye Ja (25 years old)
  • Kim Hye Ja as Kim Hye Ja (70 years old)
  • Nam Joo Hyuk as Lee Joon Ha (26 years old)
  • Son Ho Jun as Kim Young Soo / Lee Min Soo

15. Deserving of the Name / Live Up to Your Name

live up to your name deserving of the name time travel korean series
Live Up to Your Name | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Here’s another inspirational TV show that will change your perspective on a lot of things. If you want to watch a time travel series and you are into medical dramas, then don’t skip this one. This whole medical theme is only the vehicle that drives the character-driven story. Yet, the aspect of modern and traditional medicine is everywhere in the series.

“Live Up to Your Name” centers on the story of a man with excellent medical skills. However, he lives in the Joseon era, the period when the background of a person determines their future. Thus, coming from a concubine family, he can’t climb to higher positions. One day, the man accidentally time travels to present-day Seoul four centuries later. Then, he crosses his path with a woman who happens also to be a doctor. Thinking of him as a strange person out of his mind, she tries to get rid of him. But mistakenly, travels back to 400 years later with him.

Genres: historical, rom-com, fantasy, medical


  • Kim Nam Gil as Heo Im / Heo Ga Im / Heo Bong Tak
  • Kim Ah Joong as Choi Yeon Kyung

14. Reunited Worlds / Into the World Again

reunited worlds into the world again best supernatural kdramas
Reunited Worlds/Into The World Again | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This drama is not exactly about switching between different periods or traveling somewhere far away to other times. “Reunited Worlds” has another plot twist to offer: a dead 19-year-old guy suddenly comes back to life twelve years later after the tragic accident. However, he comes back from the dead in the body of himself a decade ago! It turns out that while he was absent, his family went through a lot.

Together with his crush and friends, the protagonist tries to help his family and investigate the mysterious case where he has been accused of a murderer. Also, he discovers he doesn’t have much time for this, since he needs to come back to where he came from.

Genres: supernatural, drama, romance, melodrama


  • Yeo Jin Goo as Sung Hae Sung
  • Lee Yun Hee as Jung Jung Won
  • Ahn Jae Hyun as Cha Min Joon

13. The Best Hit / Hit The Top

the best hit or hit the top fantasy korean dramas timetravel tv shows
The Best Hit/Hit The Top | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This is the story of a singer from a 90s idol group member who travels in time. One day, he accidentally wakes up in the year 2017. In the future, he crosses his path with two modern students, one of whom dreams to become a singer.

Watch “The Best Hit” if you want to dive into the time travel K-drama full of love and friendship among the youth. Since the story is all about the entertainment industry, it must be extremely fun! This series can be described as funny but complicated at the same time. It’s a little bit cliche but also there are moments on which it’s innovative.

Genres: rom-com, youth, family, friendship, drama


  • Yoon Shi Yoon as Yoo Hyun Jae / Kim Da Bong
  • Lee Se Young as Choi Woo Seung
  • Kim Min Jae as Lee Ji Hoon
  • Cha Tae
  • Hyun as Lee Gwang Jae

12. Chicago Typewriter

chicago typewriter supernatural korean series fantasy
Chicago Typewriter | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Like all other dramas in the list, this one covers two different timelines: one in far 1930s, when Korea was under Japan’s control, and one in modern-day Seoul. Although we categorized “Chicago Typewriter” as a time-travel series, it focuses primarily on the present time. The past is shown primarily as memory recollections.
Basically, the drama revolves around the lives of two men and a woman in two different periods: one of the most bestselling authors suffering from writer’s block who was a writer in his past life; a ghostwriter who was a bar owner in his past life; a book lover who was a sniper in the previous life. The story shows how the fates of these three main characters entwine together not only in the present but also in the past.

Give it a shot if you want to watch a reincarnation epic series full of deep and meaningful themes. Moreover, it will be a great choice for those who like heart-melting scenes!

Genres: mystery, rom-com, supernatural, friendship, political


  • Yoo Ah In as Han Se Joo / Seo Hwi Young
  • Im Soo Jung as Jun Seol / Ryu Soo Hyun
  • Go Kyung Pyo as Yoo Jin Oh / Shin Yool
  • Kwak Shi Yang as Baek Tae Min | Heo Young Min

11. Go Back Couple

go back couple best time travel korean dramas
Go Back Couple | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This time-travel rom-com follows the story of a married couple who begin to resent each other. Almost regretting their marriage, they suddenly are given the chance to mend the whole situation. The couple travels back to the times when they were students and didn’t know each other. Will this supernatural situation help them change their future?

If you want to dedicate yourself to a super romantic and emotional series, don’t miss this one. Especially it will be interesting to you if you love wondering about your past and make different variants of your actions.

Genres: rom-com, drama, school, supernatural, family


  • Jang Na Ra as Ma Jin Joo
  • Son Ho Jun as Choi Ban Do

10. Signal

crime mystery korean series to watch
Signal | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Pay attention to “Signal” if you like crime-solving dramas. However, it’s not your typical series about criminal cases, since it’s in the list of time-travel genre. So, what is unusual about this crime drama? People from different times cooperate together to solve the same cold cases!

At first, when only starting to watch the series, you might think it focuses only on one case. However, you soon realize it covers many interlinked cases. Moreover, they all are quite unpredictable and you don’t know who will survive and who will die since the past can always be change (time travel genre, hello). It adds to the complexity of the show and keeps you, the viewer, glued to the screen till the very last minute of the whole story.

The main case is all about a kidnapped girl who is soon found dead. One boy, an elementary school student, witnesses the crime, but the culprit is still missing. Time passes by, and the boy begins to distrust the police. Having grown into a man, he becomes a police officer himself. One day, the story suddenly takes a supernatural twist. He gets in touch with a detective from the past. From this point, the police officers from different times unite their powers and start solving cold cases.

Genres: crime, mystery, supernatural, drama


  • Lee Je Hoon as Park Hae Yeong
  • Kim Hye Soo as Cha Soo Hyun
  • Jo Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han

9. Time Slip Dr. Jin

time slip dr jin medical historical kdrama
Time Slip Dr. Jin | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This supernatural K-drama won’t be a waste of time for everyone who likes period series since the majority of events happen in far 1860. It tells the story of realistic and practical characters who give the series depth. If you want to dive into the drama about love, strong but not easy friendships, revolution, and change, don’t skip it!

“Time Slip Dr. Jin” focuses on a brilliant neurosurgeon who is difficult to deal with due to his perfectionism. Similar to other fantasy Korean dramas on the list, he suddenly gets transported to another time. One day, he wakes up in the Joseon dynasty period. He starts to use his medical skills and knowledge. However, the lack of necessary instruments of that era makes him adapt to the situation and look for new creative ways to cure people. By doing so, he gets remembered as a genius doctor.

Genres: historical, fantasy, medical, romance


  • Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung
  • Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae
  • Song Seung Heon as Dr. Jin
  • Kim Jae Joong as Kim Kyung Tak
  • Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong

8. Faith

Faith | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

The fantasy historical K-drama “Faith” also focuses on the medical theme. This time, the woman is the protagonist of the story. She is a plastic surgeon. One day, she finds herself in the 14th century Goryeo. Soon, she finds out that it was the leader of the royal guard that is the reason she has traveled to another time. The warrior desperately needs her help. He wants the surgeon from the future to save the incurably injured queen. Will our heroine be able to come back home or she will be stuck in Goryeo for her lifetime? Wait, there’s also the love story waiting for you. The warrior seems to have a crush on her!

If you like unpredictable plots where you don’t know who is bad and who is good till the very last episode, then this series is your cup of tea. Even if you are not crazy about historicals, give a chance to this one, since it’s not a typical drama of this genre. “Faith” doesn’t show the usually dull historical parts of sageuks. On the contrary, it is refreshing and even funny.

Genres: fantasy, action, medical, romance, historical, drama


  • Kim Hee Sun as Dr. Yoo Eun Soo
  • Lee Min Ho as General Choi Yeong
  • Ryu Deok Hwan as King Gong Min
  • Park Se Young as Princess Noh Goog / Queen In Deok
  • Yoo Oh Sung as Gi Chul

7. God’s Gift: 14 Days

god's gift 14 days - Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch - kdramaplanet
God’s Gift 14 Days – Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge-Watch – kdramaplanet

This thriller Korean series revolves around a mother of a murdered daughter. However, she is given the chance to fix things. Unlike in almost all other dramas on this list, she doesn’t travel to the whole other period. In this story, time turns back only two weeks before the murder. Hence, the mother is given the opportunity to expose the murder plot before her dear child dies. She gets the help of a private investigator, who plays his own part in this whole situation. As they travel in time, they see the crime from a new perspective and reveal many surprising secrets.

So, if you are seeking a super exciting series where you can’t predict what will happen next, then you‘ve stumbled upon the right one! The Korean series “God’s Gift: 14 Days” has many plot twists to surprise you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Genres: mystery, thriller, suspense, supernatural, drama


  • Lee Bo Young as Kim Soo Hyun
  • Jo Seung Woo as Gi Dong Chan
  • Kim Tae Woo as Han Ji Hoon
  • Kim Yoo Bin as Han Saet Byul
  • Jung Gyu Woon as Hyun Woo Jin

6. Marry Him If You Dare

marry him if you dare mysterious fantasy korean drama travel ithrough time
Marry Him If You Dare | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

As you can see, there are many time-travel Korean dramas out there. However, not many of them revolve around the theme of matchmaking. “Marry Him If You Dare” is one of those that cover that subject. Here, the heroine of the story tries to find a perfect husband for herself. It’s something fresh in K-drama land.

Everything happens in the world of television broadcasting (hey, another interesting thing about this series!). The main heroine time travels to her past to make a different, better future for herself. She tries to stop herself from marrying a news anchor.

Genres: rom-com, supernatural


  • Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae
  • Lee Dong Gun as Kim Shin
  • Jung Yong Hwa as Park Se Joo
  • Han Chae Ah as Seo Yoo Kyeong

5. Rooftop Prince

rooftop prince top 20 mysterious fantasy kdramas
Rooftop Prince | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Here’s a time travel drama where the protagonist is transported several centuries into the future, not the past. Check out “Rooftop Prince” if you want to see a story with switching between old and modern worlds and the theme of reincarnation. As for the story and life lessons, it demonstrates how people can not notice the true love in front of them and be focused on the wrong person.

The drama tells the story of a Crown Prince from the Chosun Dynasty who suddenly finds himself in present-day Seoul. He then gets acquainted with a woman who looks extremely like his dead wife. From this point, he is dedicated to resolving the secret behind this death. Luckily, he looks very much like the CEO’s grandson of the company where his “reincarnated’ wife works. So, he needs only to pretend to be that man to stay by her side. However, does the Crown Prince from a completely another period rule over a modern company to solve the mystery of his own era?

Genres: historical, mystery, rom-com, supernatural


  • Park Yoo Chun as Lee Kak / Yong Tae Yong
  • Han Ji Min as Park Ha / Boo Yong
  • Jung Yoo Mi / Hong Se Na / Hwa Yong
  • Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Mu / Prince Moo Chan
  • Lee Tae Ri as Song Man Bo
  • Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi San

4. Queen in Hyun’s Man

queen in hyun's man time travel korean tv shows
Queen In Hyun’s Man | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Here’s another K-drama where the main character time travels three centuries into the future! This time, it’s a scholar who wakes up in modern-day Korea, not a Crown Prince. Similar to the series above, he crosses his path with a woman who he falls in love with. His crush is an actress playing Queen Hyun in a television series.

However, don’t think that if the protagonist travels to the future, then the whole story is going to take place only in modern times. Not at all! For example, “Queen in Hyun’s Man” links both the past and the present. That means that both times are connected and changes in any of them affect the lives of characters in both periods. So, if you are looking for a refreshing Korean TV show with an interesting time travel concept dwelling into two periods equally, give this one a shot!

Genres: historical, supernatural, rom-com


  • Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Bung Do
  • Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin
  • Kim Jin Woo as Han Dong Min
  • Ga Deuk Hi as Jo Soo Kyung

3. Nine: Time Travel Nine Times

nine time travel nine times top 20 mystery korean series
Nine: Time Travel Nine Times | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

Even though it is a fantasy
series, it will make you think about everyday life. It teaches you the lesson that changing something bad from your past doesn’t essentially mean it will make you happier. Watching “Nine: Time Travel Nine Times” you will feel sometimes like the main character is alone in his fight and he is fighting his own life since he tries to interfere in things he can’t change. Looking for a time-travel Asian series with a good script and meanings? Congrats, you’ve already found it!

In short, the mystery drama centers on an anchorman who works at a TV broadcasting station. One day, he gains some mysterious items that let him travel twenty years in time. He chooses to go to his past to save his family and hence, make changes to his present. He doesn’t think of the consequences of his decisions in the past. Even the smallest change in the past affects the fates of many people in the present, and his fate isn’t an exception.

Genres: mystery, supernatural, romance


  • Lee Jin Wook as Park Sun Woo
  • Lee Seung Jun as Han Yeong Hoon
  • Jo Yoon Hee as Joo Min Young

2. Splash Splash Love

splash splash love short kdrama about time travel
Splash Splash Love | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This is probably the shortest time travel Korean drama in the article! “Splash Splash Love” is cute and short, so it will satisfy K-drama cravings of everyone who is not ready for a huge commitment. Although the run-time of the show is not as long as in all other dramas on this top list, it’s incredibly well-paced.

This time, a girl, a high school student is the heroine who experiences the mystery. She suddenly gets caught in the rainstorm when going to college. Thus, instead of taking a math test, she travels through time to the 15th century. The freak downpour transported her right to the Joseon Kingdom. There, she meets the young King who has ascended to the throne a short time ago and is willing to learn. He shows interest in mathematics, so a girl from the future persuades him to learn from her. Serving his majesty, she gradually falls in love with him!

Genres: historical, supernatural, rom-com


  • Yoon Doo Joon as King Se Jong Yi Do
  • Kim Seul Gi as Jang Dan Bi

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo best fantasy kdramas top list
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo | Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch | kdramaplanet

This supernatural historical is not only about moving through time but also about inhabiting the body of another person. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Not every day you see a drama where the woman from the 21st century time travels to a thousand years back and finds herself in the body of another person (a member of the Royal family, to complicate her life even more).

Pretending to be another person, from another time, and living by the rules you know nothing about is quite a difficult and scary task. Is it the price she must pay for her miraculous survival after she has drawn in the river during the solar eclipse? Or is it a gift? Will she be able to return to her present time? Wait, there’s the love triangle waiting for you too! She has feelings for two Princes at once: the violent one and the rightful one.

Don’t hesitate and watch “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” if you love period dramas and time-travel concepts. It’s one of the best drama choices you can make since it’s one of the top Korean dramas. It has stolen the hearts of many viewers, gaining a lot of attention in many different countries. It’s a very heart-wrenching tragic story worth your attention.

Genres: drama, historical, romance, fantasy, action, political


  • Lee Joon-Gi as 4th Prince Wang So
  • Lee Ji-Eun as Go Ha-Jin / Hae Soo
  • Kang Ha-Neul as 8th Prince Wang Wook
  • Hong Jong-Hyun as 3rd Prince Wang Yo

Bonus Recommendations:

  • “Familiar Wife”
  • “Alice”
  • “365: Repeat the Year”
  • “Love In Time”
  • “Somehow 18”
  • “One More Time”
  • “Tunnel”

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