14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

Do you want to watch a series where business partners become lovers? Here are 14 best office romance Chinese dramas!

Do you want to watch a series where business partners become lovers? Here are 14 best office romance Chinese dramas! These series are great for anyone who wants to see not only the romantic part but also business relations.

Top 14 Office Romance Chinese Dramas:

14Love Actually43 episodes
13Flipped24 episodes
12Les Interpretes42 episodes
11Yes! Mr. Fashion28 episodes
10Ten Years Late39 episodes
9Love Is Fate42 episodes
8Cheat My Boss24 episodes
7Shall We Fall In Love35 episodes
6Only Side By Side With You40 episodes
5Sweet Dreams48 episodes
4Here to Heart48 episodes
3In Youth38 episodes
2About Is Love30 episodes
1Our Glamorous Time50 episodes
14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

14. Love Actually

love actually - 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
Love Actually | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This office romance Chinese drama tells about the life of a married man with a child. Ding Ren Jian loses his job but is lucky to find another job. Now, he is working for a young promising IT genius. The boss is in love with An Qing Huan, the woman who is older than him. One day, Ding Ren Jian meets this woman too. They seem to not get along together at the beginning, but they will form a stronger bond later in the series.

Love Actually is not a super thrilling love story with plenty of memorable lines and moments. It’s a little bit predictable, but the casting is really excellent.


  • Joe Chen as An Qing Huan
  • Tong Da Wei as Ding Ren Jian
  • Wang Yi Bo as Zhai Zhi Wei

13. Flipped

flipped - 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas
Flipped | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The office rom-com revolves around the life of an uncontrollable independent girl. All her life has been practically controlled by her strict father, so she decides to run away from home. Soon after it happens, the girl stumbles upon a guy. It turns out he is a very talented and sensitive boy, but pretends to be cold and unapproachable on the outside. He also has supernatural abilities! What is their future?

Choose Flipped if you love fantasy romance and supernatural powers in dramas. If you are not looking for a super exciting and thrilling series, this one will be a good choice for you. If romance (hence, lots of kisses) is the main thing you want to see, you’ve come to the right drama!


  • Kido Gao as Qi Xun
  • Charlene Chen as Shuang Shuang

12. Les Interpretes

14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas - the interpreter
The Interpreter | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

One of the best office romance Chinese dramas, The Interpreter is adapted from Miao Juan’s novel of the same name. The series is about a girl who studies French and dreams of becoming a translator. Nothing comes to her easily. She has to work hard and support herself. Moreover, she gets herself into trouble and even ends up in the police station with one of her clients. It turns out that the client is a French translator. Unluckily, he is also an examiner at the university where she wants to apply for a job!


  • Yang Mi as Qiao Fei
  • Huang Xuan as Cheng Jia Yang
  • Jocelyn Zhou as Wen Xiao Hua

11. Yes! Mr. Fashion

yes mr fashion - top business romance chinese series
Yes Mr. Fashion | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The C-drama centers on an heir of Feng Shang Group. He wants to find out the truth behind the death of his mother. Hiding his true identity, he joins the team of fashion magazine publishers. In this new environment, he meets his rival at work, the overly optimistic girl. After a strange turn of events, they both end up living together and slowly, even start to fall in love with each other! Yes! Mr. Fashion has an enjoyable story about friends/team.



  • Cheney Chen as Shang Bo Ran
  • Ouyang Nana as Li Xiao Kui

10. Ten Years Late

best office rom-com chinese dramas - ten years late
Ten Years Late | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This office rom-com Chinese drama revolves around six young characters (three couples) who do their best and work hard to live in the big city. Jin Ran takes a job in a tourism company while giving up a high-paying position abroad. All this because of his first love as he sees a chance to reunite with her. At the same time, Xu Xin Yi, another female lead, gets to know a professional gamer. They become a couple, but a tragedy turns everything upside down. A lawyer Zhao Cheng Zhi falls in love with a bright and bubbly intern who brings joy into his dull life.

Ten Years Late shows an amazing relationship between three couples. However, you should not expect something completely new in this drama. It’s quite cliché with its typical leads who know each other from school but suddenly separate their paths. So, here you see an everyday Chinese drama with an interesting take on it.


  • Gülnezer Bextiyar as Yuan Lai
  • Shawn Dou as Jin Ran

9. Love Is Fate

top business rom-com chinese series - love is fate
Love Is Fate | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This office C-drama follows the story of Ma Ke Ai, who inherits a hotel after his father. The hotel was set up by three best friends. Unfortunately, one of them dies early, another has lost his son, and the last one has fallen ill. Ma Ke Ai’s father is the one who has got an illness. So, he calls her back from another country. While traveling back to Korea, the girl gets into a car accident. She is fortunate enough to escape death but gets the ability to see the future after an accident. However, the chain of strange events doesn’t stop. Is there a secret behind all this? Watch how the main heroine goes through all the hardships and even finds love along her difficult path.

Watch Love Is Fate if you are not looking only for romance. The business part here is also quite interesting. Think of this series as a typical Chinese drama but with some unusual and interesting things.


  • Vin Zhang as Xia Yu Xing
  • Zheng He Hui Zi as Ma Ke Ai

8. Cheat My Boss

cheat my boss - best office rom-com   chinese drama
Cheat My Boss | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The story of this drama centers on Jiang Chu Chu. She is an Internet celebrity and the owner of a small business, a clothing company. One day, the girl damages the clothes she modeled because of the undergarments she wore. Hence, it prompted her to give a bad review on the lingerie company that produces those undergarments. Meanwhile, Luo Tian Yi, the CEO of that same company which our heroine blames, stumbles upon her review. People misunderstand the information spread online. Hence, they start believing that Jinang Chu Chu is the CEO’s girlfriend!

Cheat My Boss is not your typical Chinese romance drama. Not only is it shot interestingly, the flow of the story and the characters are also like nothing you’ve seen before. This one is centered not simply on romance. It also focuses on business strategies/rivalry, ambitions, scheming, and complex characters.


  • Charlene Chen as Jiang Chu chu
  • Lu Yong Zhuo as Luo Tian Yi

7. Shall We Fall In Love

best business romance cdramas - shall we fall in love
Shall We Fall In Love | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The office Chinese drama Shall We Fall In Love tells the story of an optimistic young man. It focuses on his journey from an unemployed person with a lack of credentials to someone who proves his talents. Jiang Yi Nan has limited options but is cheerful and optimistic like no one else. One day, he saves a girl who has fallen into the water. Prompted by his feelings for her and her provocations, he applies to work at the company that she works for. Being a hard worker and a quick thinker, he secures his spot and even becomes the top applicant.

The story of Shall We Fall In Love is so hilarious at times that you do not know whether you want to laugh or cry! Here, you will see different working place atmospheres, love triangles (and even squares), as well as many hardships in life. However, it has quite a lighthearted tone, as the male lead is the most optimistic person you have ever seen!


  • Nichkhun as Jiang Yi Nan
  • Daisy Li as Chen Xin Yue
  • Fei as Liang Ding Fei
  • Wang Zi Rui as Xu Hao Yu

6. Only Side by Side With You

top 14 office romantic cdramas - only side by side with you
Only Side By Side With You | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This Chinese office drama follows the story of a career woman who breaks up with her fiancee after catching him having an affair with another woman. Thus, she loses not only a lover but also a business partner. To find a solution to the new problems in business, she meets potential investors at a bar where she engages in conflict with its owner. It turns out that she is somehow related to his past. Hence, he is getting closer to her to find out more. However, he actually is falling in love in the process.

Focusing on drone business, Only Side by Side With You is quite refreshing. Sounds like something new and compelling, isn’t it? Don’t think the drama is complex to grasp because of it. On the contrary, it’s not boring, as there are no long talks on power politics stuff and so on. Also, be prepared to see many flashbacks from the past (but this moment may seem irritating at times).


  • William Chan as Shi Yue
  • Bai Bai He as Nan Qiao
  • Amanda Qin as An Ning
  • Li Xian as Chang Jian Xiong

5. Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams - Best Office Romantic Chinese Series
Sweet Dreams | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This office rom-com follows the romantic story between two employees at a hotel. Ling Ling Qi can’t do well at work because of her insecurities. Because of them, she lacks enough courage to do what she wants and confess her feelings to her colleague. One day, they both take part in an experiment organized by a dream technology company. Suddenly, there happens an error in the device, and Ling Ling begins entering the dreams of her colleague. Thanks to it, she starts to let go of her insecurities.

Sweet Dreams is a beautiful series full of special effects and exceptional cinematography. Here you will see a mix of real-life and fantasy, and it’s something that makes the plot somewhat special. If you are looking for a sweet and relaxing office C-drama, don’t hesitate a moment and watch it! It’s the opposite to the previous one on the list. This one is not so much about business.


  • Dilraba Dilmurat as Ling Ling Qi
  • Allen Deng as Bo Hai

4. Here to Heart

14 Best Office Romantic Cdramas - here to heart
Here to Heart | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

One of the best office romance Chinese series Here to Heart revolves around a couple who broke up and lived separately for a decade. They both have found new lovers, but their hearts are still unhappy and lonely. Ten years ago, the girl disappeared leaving no explanation to her loved man. Now, a decade later, she is ready to quit her high-paying job in England and head back to China. How crazy is that? Moreover, she wants to work for the company of her ex-boyfriend!

Do you want to dive into a drama full of revenge and hate mixed with love? Oh, then you’ve come to the right place! This one will make you feel a wide variety of emotions.


  • Zhang Han as Zhan Nan Xian
  • Janine Chang as Wen Nuan

3. In Youth

top 14 list of office rom-com chinese dramas - kdramaplanet
In Youth | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This Chinese series doesn’t have love triangles, nor is it a fluffy romance. It that bad guy – poor girl kind of dramas, but also centered on business to some extent (in this case). In Youth follows the story of two main characters – a kind girl and her tough boss who makes her fear him as much as possible. She is unaware of the fact that some secrets have been leaked. Bad for her that she is the main suspect behind this. Everyone has heard of them only when she started working at the company, after all. And yet, she doesn’t guess that her cold boss suspects her in all this.



  • Leon Zhang as Fan Shu Chen
  • Bridgette Qiao as Lin Zi Yu
  • Wayne Liu as Shi Wei Cong
  • Maggie Huang as Ji Xuan Li
  • Daisy Dai as Li Yang Yang

2. About Is Love

about is love - 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
About Is Love | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This series is not exactly set in an institution or company but it is based on a business-like relationship. The male lead is the president of a company, and the female lead is an art student. We Qing develops an illness called OCD that doesn’t allow him to interact with women. It’s like an allergy. However, he tries to think positively and is looking for a woman that can be close to him. He has almost given up on this idea when he meets an art student. He seems to be ok when she is close to him!

If you want to see good chemistry between all the actors, check out About Is Love!

C-Dramas Similar to “About Is Love”: 19 Best Male Chases Female First Chinese Dramas


  • Yan Xi as Wei Qing
  • Xu Xiao Nuo as Zhou Shi

1. Our Glamorous Time

our glamorous time - top office romance cdramas
Our Glamorous Time | 14 Best Office Romance Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

So, here it is! The last best office romance Chinese drama on the list! It follows the romantic story of Lin Zhicheng and Lin Qian – a former military officer turned CEO of his family’s company and a white-collar worker. Lin Qian is a smart and diligent worker but she isn’t happy with her successes at work. Life throws her close to Lin Zhicheng. Soon, she starts to work at his company. She is working hard to help him save the firm from bankruptcy. However, she doesn’t even notice how fast she develops her feelings for him.

If you like the idea of how this office drama is built – not a couple working in the company together but a couple coming together to save a company, then watch it!


  • Zanilia Zhao as Lin Qian
  • Jin Han as Li Zhi Cheng
  • Viola Liu as Li Jin Yuan

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