The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas

The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas

Do you wonder what are some of the top C-dramas? Here's the list of the top 15 best Chinese dramas! They are great, each one in its way: historical, romance, fantasy, wuxia, or action dramas!
The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dra...
The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas

Do you wonder what are some of the top C-dramas? Here’s the list of the top 15 best Chinese dramas! They are great, each one in its way: historical, romance, fantasy, wuxia, or action dramas! Even if you are already head over heels in love with them, this list will help you increase your addiction! Here, you may find a C-drama that you haven’t watched yet or rewatch the ones you’ve already seen.

The Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas:

  1. Here to Heart (48 episodes)
  2. Goodbye My Princess (52 episodes)
  3. Rise of Phoenixes (70 episodes)
  4. Princess Wei Young (54 episodes)
  5. The Legend of Fu Yao (66 episodes)
  6. Put Your Head on My Shoulder (24 episodes)
  7. A Love So Beautiful (23 episodes)
  8. Skate Into Love (40 episodes)
  9. Love O2O (30 episodes)
  10. Ever Night (60 episodes)
  11. Go Go Squid (41 episodes)
  12. Eternal Love (56 episodes)
  13. Ashes of Love (63 episodes)
  14. Story of Yanxi Palace (70 episodes)
  15. The Untamed (50 episodes)

15. Here to Heart

here to heart - The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas
Here To Heart | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Adapted from An Ning’s novel The Warm Cord, the Chinese drama centers on a story about eternal love. It revolves around a couple separated because of an accident. Wen Nuan disappeared leaving no explanation to Zhan Nan Xian. A decade later, she quits her prestigious job in England and returns to China. The woman wants to work for Nan Xian’s company. Isn’t it crazy? He still recalls those painful emotions he was going through when his beloved woman betrayed him. He even prepares to take revenge. Will they make an effort to come together again? It seems like their love resembles a war in which no one wishes to surrender.

Pick up Here To Heart if you are looking for a top romantic Chinese drama that will make you cry and laugh at the same time! It’s one of those dramas that makes you go through various emotions – from deep frustration to the sensation of butterflies in your stomach!

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  • Zhang Han as Zhan Nan Xian
  • Janine Chang as Wen Nuan

14. Goodbye My Princess

goodbye my princess - The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
Goodbye My Princess – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you like tragedies that make you experience hatred, cruelty, sadness, betrayal, check out this C-drama. Goodbye, My Princess will take you through the journey of not only joy but also pain. However, you must understand that as a tragic historical drama, it includes scenes of betrayal and killings (you’ve been warned, haha).

The TV show follows the story of the 9th Princess of Western Liang who travels to the Central Plains to marry the Crown Prince. As the Princess, she receives lots of love and admiration. That changes when she becomes the Crown Princess. She becomes the wife of a man who is of the highest position second only to the Emperor. That means that the Princess is in a dangerous position. Moreover, the Crown Prince already has his favorite concubine! Look no further if you want to dive into a deadly power play.


  • Oliver Chen as Li Cheng Yin / Gu Xiao Wu / Prince
  • Peng Xiao Ran as Xiao Feng / 9th Princess
  • Shawn Wei as Gu Jian / Master

13. Rise of Phoenixes

rise of phoenixes - The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas
The Rise of Phoenixes – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the best historical Chinese dramas for all the fans of this genre! It is packed with everything period drama fans could wish for: rebellions, assassinations, corruption, and many other issues. The series is also a feast for your eyes! You will see stunning colorful outfits and magnificent architecture. The story itself doesn’t depict the history accurately, since it is loosely based on Tianxia Guiyuan’s novel Phoenix Rise. Let’s say it’s inspired by history.

Rise of Phoenixes revolves around the life of the illegitimate daughter of the Qiu Family. The girl is accused of a crime and thus, gets exiled from her household. So, she finds a solution and gets dressed as a man and enrolls in a prestigious Academy. As an intelligent and hard-working girl, she manages to become a Royal Scholar and politician. Soon, she is made to think that the current dynasty is founded on the corpses of her relatives from the fallen kingdom. Will she seek revenge?


  • Aloys Chen as Ning Yi
  • Ni Ni as Feng Zhi Wei
  • Ni Da Hong as Ning Shi Zheng
  • Zhao Li Xin as Xin Zi Yan

12. Princess Wei Young

princess weiyoung - Best Chinese Series
Princess Weiyoung | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s another C-drama adapted from a novel. It’s a fictionalized story about a real empress. Set in the period of Sixteen Kingdoms, it follows Feng Xin’er, the princess from the royal family. One day, after the family is murdered, she is left all by herself. Then she gets into her enemy’s place and pretends to be another person.

Princess Wei Young is for you if you expect to see unpredictable twists and political plots! Yet, don’t think it’s all about revenge – there are enough love and happiness too! Here, you will observe how women struggled at that time.


  • Tiffany Tang as Li Wei Young
  • Luo Jin as Tuo Ba Jun
  • Vanness Wu as Tuo Ba Yu
  • Rachel Mao as Li Chang Ru
  • Lee Hsin Ai as Li Chang Le

11. The Legend of Fu Yao

legend of fuyao - 15 best Chinese Series
Legend of Fuyao | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Based on Tianxia Guiyuan’s novel Empress Fuyao, the Chinese drama tells the story of a stubborn girl who rises from a slave to a powerful, respected woman. It’s also interesting to see how she grows as a person. The story shows how the girl travels across all 5 kingdoms to find a way to get rid of an evil curse. But don’t think it’s only about the journey – there’s a wonderful love story too!

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  • Yang Mi as Meng Fu Yao
  • Ethan Juan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji

10. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

put your head on my shoulder - Best Chinese Series
Put Your Head On My Shoulder | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The Chinese drama Put Your Head On My Shoulder may not have a super twisted plot, but it’s a refreshing drama that will lift your mood. If you feel frustrated after finishing a sad series or because of some other reason, give it a try! Especially it’s perfect for those who love stories set on campus!

The story revolves around a girl who is too worried about her life after graduation. One day, she stumbles upon a genius Physics student and he becomes the only thing he can think about. They even become roommates!


  • Fair Xing as Si Tu Mo
  • Lin Yi as Gu Wei Yi
  • Daddi Tang as Fu Pei

9. A Love So Beautiful

a love so beautiful - Best Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
A Love So Beautiful – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The C-drama A Love So Beautiful will become a good choice for those who prefer sweet simple stories, especially those about school life. If you want to see a cute relationship and lots of heartwarming moments, give it a shot!

The storyline focuses on neighbors/school classmates. A perfectly looking, smart guy and a girl who is head over heels in love with him are the main characters. Over time, they both develop feelings for each other. Yet, a new obstacle arises with the appearance of a new guy in the school.


  • Hu Yi Tian as Jiang Chen
  • Shen Yue as Chen Xiao Xi
  • Gao Zhi Ting as Wu Bo Song

8. Skate Into Love

skate into love - top 15 Best Cdramas
Skate Into Love | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s a good sports romantic drama for you! So, dive into the series if you want to get to know about the struggles the athletes are going through – competition, love rivals, and disapproval of relatives. Moreover, it will lift your mood – it will inspire you not to give up by any means. You will remember how important it is to feel grateful for having an opportunity to do what you love.

Skate Into Love follows the story of an ice hockey player and a speed skater. They know each other for a decent amount of time – from elementary school, to be precise. However, not everything is sweet about their relationship. One is bullying the other. Will they become rivals or friends when they meet each other at university?


  • Steven Zhang as Li Yu Bing
  • Janice Wu as Tang Xue
  • Zhou Li Jie as Yu Yan

7. Love O2O

love o2o - The List 15 Best Cdramas
Love O2O | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

One of the top Chinese dramas, Love O2O will give you a breath of fresh air for you if you got tired of complicated storylines. What’s more, it has an unusual fantasy element – it combines online and offline worlds! That makes the students interact with each other.

The drama focuses on the most popular male student on campus and a beautiful girl he has a crush on. He is a gaming expert and she is a computer science major. The guy falls in love with her after the moment he sees her gaming skills!


  • Yang Yang as Xiao Nai
  • Zheng Shuang as Bei Wei Wei

6. Ever Night

ever night - Top 15 Best Chinese TV Shows
Ever Night | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ever Night tells the story of a young man who seeks revenge. His family was murdered without any reason. The boy escapes to the wilds and survives due to his wits and even cruelty. One day, his life gets even more complicated. He meets a girl who is destined to bring chaos.

Check out this top Chinese series if you want to see fight choreography, action scenes, and beautiful cinematography. It is adapted from a popular novel of the same name. So, you can’t miss this one if you love adventures and action movies!


  • Arthur Chen as Ning Que
  • Ireine Song as Sang Sang
  • Adam Cheng as Narrator
  • Crystal Yuan as Mo Shan Shan
  • Zoey Meng as Ye Hong Yu
  • Kris Sun as Prince Long Qing

5. Go Go Squid

go go squid - Top 15 Best Chinese Tv Shows
Go Go Squid | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The Chinese series Go, Go Squid centers on a popular singer who has a great number of followers, is confident and outgoing. Yet, the girl is super shy in front of her crush. The man she adores is an unapproachable cold guy, he is like a computer engineering god.

If you want to see not only a rom-com but also an inspiring story about reaching the dreams, give it a shot!


  • Yang Zi as Tong Nian
  • Li Xian as Han Shang Yan

4. Eternal Love

eternal love - top 15 list of best chinese dramas
Eternal Love – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the most-watched Chinese dramas! It is based on the novel of the same name and immerses you into a fantastical world full of gods, demons, and immortals! Even if you are not a fan of fantasy dramas or historicals, you will be blown away by its wonderful romance story.

Eternal Love spans over several lifetimes – more than a thousand years. The Crown Prince of the Heavens and a Fox spirit fall in love with each other. Yet, they go through various obstacles and struggles before they meet in another lifetime again. How sad is that? Is their destiny to struggle because of love or will it eventually bring them joy?


  • Yang Mi as Si Yin
  • Mark Chao as Mo Yuan

3. Ashes of Love

ashes of love - top cdramas list
Ashes of Love – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The C-drama Ashes of Love will become a great choice for those who are not afraid of lengthy series. Set in ancient times, it focuses on the romance between two prisoners – the son of Heavenly Emperor and the daughter of Flower Goddess. It’s one of those stories that tell us how strong love can be. At the same time, it shows how many obstacles it may overcome. The series is full of epic battles, struggles, and covers such topics as loyalty, family bonds, and friendship.


  • Yang Zi as Jin Mi
  • Allen Deng as Xu Feng
  • Leo Luo as Run Yu
  • Faye Wang as Sui He
  • Yukee Chen as Liu Ying
  • Zhou Ting Wei as Qi Yuan

2. Story of Yanxi Palace

story of yanxi palace - top best cdrama list
Story of Yanxi Palace | The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The Chinese drama follows the story of a young girl who wants to find out the truth behind the death of her sister. To come closer to her goal, she travels to the Forbidden City and becomes a palace maid. Under the guidance of the kind Empress, the girl starts to let go of hatred. Yet, misunderstandings arise after the Empress’ death. Eventually, she ends up meeting with the Emperor in person. It doesn’t take long for them to find comfort in each other. However, they should never forget that the palace is full of conspiracy and intrigue.

Story of Yanxi Palace may seem like a somewhat typical historical Chinese drama. Well, you can predict the historical drama to be all about rivalry among concubines and their countless schemes of how to get rid of one another. Yet, this story introduces us to a smart and independent heroine who remains loyal to those who wish her good. Here, you will also see many unexpected plot twists. So let’s say it’s your typical not-so-typical period series!


  • Wu Jin Yan as Wei Ying Luo / Consort Ling
  • Nie Yuan as Emperor Qianlong / Hong Li
  • Xu Kai as Fu Heng
  • Qin Lan as Empress Xiaoxianchun/Fuca Rongyin
  • Charmaine Sheh as Consort Xian
  • Tan Zhuo as Imperial Noble Consort Huixian

1. The Untamed

the untamed - The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
The Untamed – The List of Top 15 Best Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

The Chinese series The Untamed is one of the best Asian dramas, so make sure you check it out! Especially if you like supernatural fantasies, wuxia, and love watching battles! It follows two male disciples from different clans. They discover a secret that threatens the peace of their world. Both of them want to get rid of it, but one of them dies in the process. Sixteen years later, he comes back to life due to a self-sacrificing ritual. Soon, he reunites with his friend and they renew their work on solving the mysterious secret from the past.

The story is something that elevates this series above many others. If you are looking for a complex plot, don’t miss this one. Although it may seem slow-paced (especially in several first episodes), it soon picks up the speed. The TV show focuses on the boy’s love a lot but also covers such topics as friendship and brotherly/sisterly/romantic love.


  • Sean Xiao as Wei Wu Xian
  • Wang Yi Bo as Lan Wang Ji

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