top chinese historical drama recommendations

top chinese historical drama recommendations

Here's the list of the top 23 historical Chinese drama recommendations for you to start watching today! You will find a lot of interesting series here if you love period dramas, wuxia, fantasy genre!

Seeking a good period C-drama? Here’s the list of the top 23 historical Chinese drama recommendations for you to start watching today! You will find a lot of interesting series here if you love period dramas, wuxia, fantasy genre!

Top 23 Historical Chinese Dramas:

  1. Legend of Awakening (48 episodes)
  2. The Sleuth Ming Dynasty (48 episodes)
  3. Novoland: the Castle In The Sky (28 episodes)
  4. Miss Truth (36 episodes)
  5. Love Is All (26 episodes)
  6. Love of Thousand Years (30 episodes)
  7. Dreaming Back to the Qin Dynasty (40 episodes)
  8. Dr. Cutie (28 episodes)
  9. Legend of Yun Xi (48 episodes)
  10. Journey of Flower (50 episodes)
  11. Lost Love In Times (56 episodes)
  12. Princess Agents (67 episodes)
  13. Goodbye My Princess (52 episodes)
  14. Rise of Phoenixes (70 episodes)
  15. The Legends (56 episodes)
  16. Evernight (60 episodes)
  17. Ashes of Love (63 episodes)
  18. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (24 episodes)
  19. Story of Yanxi Palace (70 episodes)
  20. Eternal Love (58 episodes)
  21. The Story of Ming Lan (78 episodes)
  22. The Untamed (50 episodes)
  23. Legend of Fuyao (66 episodes)

23. Legend of Awakening

 legend of awakening Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations  kdramaplanet
Legend of Awakening | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The historical C-drama revolves around five friends and their adventures in the martial arts world. Yet, the main story happens between Lu Ping and Qing San. The loving couple goes from hating each other to making sacrifices for each other! Legend of Awakening illustrates the complexity of true love – the give and take required to form a true relationship. Not only two leads make sacrifices. All five friends sacrifice something for their lovers or friends. They all are transformed.

If you want to connect to the emotions of the characters and end up being invested in their journeys, dive into this series! It’s full of twists and turns, action, romance, and fantasy!


  • Arthur Chen as Lu Ping
  • Cheng Xiao as Qin Sang
  • Dylan Xiong as Yan Xi Fan
  • Ancy Deng as Su Tang
  • Jerry Yu as Mo Lin
  • Shang Xuan as Ling Zi Yan

22. The Sleuth Ming Dynasty

the sleuth ming dynasty historical cdramas
The Sleuth Ming Dynasty | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Set during the times of Chenghua Emperor’s reign, it follows the adventures of a trio who develop not only beneficial collaboration but also friendship. The trio consists of a low ranked magistrate, an influential eunuch, and a high-ranked guard. They solve cases and want to crush a major conspiracy to establish peace and order for the people.

The Sleuth Ming Dynasty introduces us to three well-written main characters! They are so hilarious and funny that it’s impossible not to fall in love with them and their interactions with each other. Moreover, if you like Jackie-Chan style (misfortunate coincidences, silly dialogues, a lot of fighting and chasing scenes, Jackie Chan’s moves), you definitely shouldn’t miss it! The historical is quite fast-moving and will become a great watch for all those who love tightly choreographed, acrobatic, and gripping action scenes. Yet, don’t look for a deep meaning here.

Check out Top 11 Detective Chinese Dramas for more crime-solving/investigation scenes!


  • Darren Chen as Tang Fan
  • Fu Meng Bo as Sui Zhou
  • Liu Yao Yuan as Wang Zhi

21. Novoland: the Castle In The Sky

top Historical Chinese Dramas kdramaplanet novoland the castle in the sky
Novoland The Castle In The Sky | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The historical Chinese drama Novoland: the Castle In The Sky tells the story set a long time ago. Then, there were two clans of humans – those who can fly and those who don’t. The winged clan has been considered superior because of it. So, both clans have almost always battled for supremacy. Finally, a fragile peace has finally been established. The supreme clan can fly thanks to the goddess who is powered to grant wings and reincarnates every 100 years.

In the ancient time, the human honored the winged clan as gods for their ability to fly and to build a castle in the sky. The day when the castle was to be lifted off the ground an explosion destroyed it. A human girl was suspected to have done it. However, a man from the winged clan didn’t believe it and saved her life. As it turned out, it was a faction of the winged clan trying to start a war with the humans to expand their control. One day, a baby girl (the reincarnation of the goddess) is born. Hence, the queen of the earth starts to plan the kidnapping of the baby but misses the opportunity.

Watch Teaser For This Sageuk!

So, the child is growing up anonymously and peacefully, not even knowing she is the reincarnation of the goddess. Both clans see the goddess only as someone who grants the unique ability. But in reality, she is fated to reunite with her lover and then separate with him. That’s her fate. Can fate change and what if the war between the clans begins again?

If you are looking for a believable fantasy wuxia drama that is not overly done, look no further! This historical Chinese drama has a wonderful story that will keep you hooked!

If you liked “Novoland: The Castle In the Sky”, you might want to watch similar dramas: Top 9 Interspecies Romance Chinese Dramas.


  • Zhang Ruo Yun as Feng Tian Yi
  • Gabrielle Guan as Yi Fu Ling
  • Ju Jing Yi as Xue Fei Shuang
  • Chen Ruo Xuan as Yu Huan Zhen
  • Liu Chang as Bai Ting Jun

20. Miss Truth

miss truth best best period chinese dramas
Miss Truth | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Set in the Tang dynasty, the series centers on a talented young lady, a forensic examiner, and her adventures when she investigates different murder cases. Even though the story is set in another time, it almost doesn’t acknowledge main historical characters end events of those days. So primarily, it revolves around a girl, the cases she is working on, and a love triangle. One day, the main heroine is tasked to solve a murder by the criminal, which makes her meet two men. One of them is the emperor’s trusted investigator, a nobleman, and the other is an assassin who saves her life. Moreover, there’s a major conspiracy going on.

If you want to see and enjoyable period mystery C-drama (which is basically the combination of Sherlock Holmes with Forensic Files and Criminal Minds), give it a shot! The drama Miss Truth maintains an exciting pace. You will see numerous intrigues and dangers lurking around every corner, and even a few surprising reveals! You will also love both main male characters in the formed love triangle!


  • Zhou Jie Qiong as Ran Yan
  • Toby Lee as Xiao Song
  • Tim Pei as Su Fu

19. Love Is All

love is all top historical chinese drama recommendations
Love Is All | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The historical C-drama Love Is All focuses on the quarrelsome pair who starts on the wrong foot but end up cooperating and solving a case together. She is the daughter of a wealthy family and he is the county magistrate. She is quirky and he is well-mannered, handsome, and is sought after by many girls. Dive into this story about fighting for justice and love if cute and fluffy dramas are your cup of tea! This Chinese historical drama doesn’t take everything too seriously (compared to some other heart-wrenching melodramas, haha), but that’s what makes it so likable in its way!


  • Zhang Ruo Nan as Tan Ling Yin
  • Zhang Hao Wei as Tang Tian Yuan

18. Love of Thousand Years

love of thousand years top 23 historical chinese drama recommendations
Love of Thousand Years | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Set in the ancient era, Love of Thousand Years focuses on the story of star-crossed lovers who have endured a thousand years of waiting. One day, an official from the Great Yan together with his enemy scheme the demise of his kingdom. Yan princess gets rescued but witnesses the horrible enslavement of her people. From this moment, she vows to save them and soon starts to search for the spiritual lamp. Soon after these events, the princess and her rescuer fall in love. Unfortunately, they discover that the princess’ savior is the one who should ignite the lamp. Moreover, he and the person who lights the lamp will vanish after doing that. Can they both accept their fates?

It’s highly recommended for you if you want to watch a historical romance that is quite easy to binge-watch and if you are not afraid of typical revenge and fate storylines. The beginning may seem to be a little slow and confusing, but just wait a couple of episodes more and you will find yourself fully invested in the show.


  • Zheng Ye Cheng as Fu Jiu Yun
  • Rosy Zhao as Qin Chuan / Ah-Man

17. Dreaming Back to the Qin Dynasty

dreaming back to the qin dynasty top chinese period dramas to watch
Dreaming Back to The Qin Dynasty | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Yay, here’s the Chinese historical for the fans of the time-travel theme! If you like Korean drama Moon Lovers, high chances are that you will like Dreaming Back to the Qin Dynasty.

The story revolves around a modern-day girl, an architect from the 21st century. One day, she places a lantern from the Qing dynasty in her apartment. While three hundred years in the past, the 13th prince from the Qing dynasty sees dreams about how he travels to the future and meets that 21st-century girl! After the accidental time-travel back to the dynasty, they both meet each other in the palace but the previous meeting is raised from their memories. In an attempt to find the man she liked, she meets the 13th, the 14th, the 4th princes, and the Emperor Kanf Xi. That’s how the girl from the 21st century gets involved in the political whirl of palace problems and intrigues.

Watch Trailer For This Chinese Drama!

If you want to watch a drama to shed tears on it and if you want to experience a similar level of emotions and palace intrigues as it was in Scarlet Heart, don’t think twice and give it a try! However, this one has a happier ending than the already mentioned series. Plus you will love super sweet chemistry between the leads, astonishing OST, and one of its main ideas to not stick to one mindset.

  • Landy Li as Xu Qiang Wei
  • Wang An Yu as Aisin Gioro Yin Xiang

16. Dr. Cutie

dr cutie top chinese historical series kdramaplanet
Dr. Cutie | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Dr. Cutie is a period C-drama for those who like revenge plots. The story follows Zhao Er, the daughter of the palace doctor. She grew up together with Ji Heng, the son of the king’s official. One day, a royal consort was poisoned, and Zhao Er’s father happened to be framed. Her father’s friend betrayed their family and schemed the whole plot. Such blame resulted in the entire family being executed. The family died in vain, but Zhao Er survived.

Watch Trailer For This Period Chinese Drama!

After all these events, she starts to learn medicine as hard as she can so that she has a chance to enter the Ji family home. That way, she will have an opportunity to investigate the plot behind the tragedy that happened to her family. Eventually, the girl manages to enter the family mansion under another name as the doctor of Ji Heng’s fiancee. From this day, she witnesses many cruelty and twisted murders. Will she be able to save herself and the ones she loves?
In case if you need to release depression, pick up this Chinese series. It will make you laugh (yes, even despite its main plot, it’s quite hilarious). The girl is a real comedian for sure!


  • Sun Qian as Tian Qi / Shen Zhao Er
  • Huang Jun Jie as Ji Heng
  • Zha Jie as Ji Zheng

15. Legend of Yun Xi

legend of yun xi top historical chinese dramas
Legend of Yun Xi | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The C-drama focuses on the story of Han Yun Xi, a lady doctor who marries into the royal family. It is set during unstable times when the land is split into three kingdoms. The Emperor of one of those kingdoms distrusts almost everyone, including his subordinate. To distance from the subordinate, the Emperor arranges the marriage for him. He marries him to an “ugly” Han Yun Xi. He must be unaware that she is not only kind and talented, she is also a medical expert, especially concerning poisons. She becomes a royal consort and gets the opportunity to show off her skills.

If you want to watch a C-drama with a constantly evolving plot, dynamic characters that are pressed to make difficult decisions, choose this one!


  • Ju Jing Yi as Han Yun Xi
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Long Fei Ye
  • Yalkun Merxat as Gu Qi Shao
  • Hu Bing as Tian Hui Di

14. Journey of Flower

journey of flower the list of best period cdramas
Journey of Flower | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Based on the novel written by Fresh Guo Guo, Journey of Flower follows the story of a girl with a strange ability to lure demons. Her mother passed away while giving her birth, and her father died when she was only 16. Before his death, he advised her to learn how to survive with her ability that is difficult to deal with. That’s why the girl sets out on a journey to Mount Shu popular by its people expertized in dealing with demons and similar creatures. On her adventure, she meets a gentle but cold-hearted man. He becomes not only a teacher to her but also a lover.

If you love breathtaking, touching stories in Chinese drama, then you are certainly in for a treat! The characters will make you feel as if you are connected to them. This one is also a good choice for all wuxia lovers. It will open for you the world of fantasy, beautiful costumes, and sets.


  • Wallace Huo as Bai Zi Hua
  • Zanilia Zhao as Hua Qian Gu

13. Lost Love In Times

lost love in times top best historical chinese series
Lost Love In Times | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Adapted from the novel Drunk Linglong, this Chinese series is a great combination of romance, historical, and fantasy. Especially you are sure to like Lost Love In Times if you are looking for period dramas like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or Scarlet Heart. The series revolves around a witch and a prince who fall in love with each other. The witch helps the prince to survive, so the mutual feelings start to develop. Moreover, they even want to marry each other. No one in the state approves of their connection. Will their love story leads to a disaster or they will be able to be happy despite all odds?


  • Cecilia Liu as Feng Qing Chen
  • William Chan as Yuan Ling
  • Joe Xu as Yuan Zhan
  • Cecilia Han as Tao Yao
  • Simon Gong as Yuan Che
  • Liu Yi Jun as Yuan An [Emperor]

12. Princess Agents

princess agents best period cdramas to watch top list
Princess Agents | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Do you enjoy watching dramas with independent, strong women who build up themselves despite all obstacles? If so, then Princess Agents is the right drama for you to start watching now! Here, you will see a badass female lead. She is a good fighter and a determined, witty girl. You will get acquainted with the period when any citizen could be easily turned into a slave. Our heroine is one of those unlucky people. However, she is lucky enough to be saved by the prince. Moreover, she is brought into a rich family. But it turns out that this place is also not the best to be in – it’s full of bloody power struggle. Now, she needs to survive in this new world.


  • Zanilia Zhao as Chu Qiao
  • Kenny Lin as Yu Wen Yue
  • Shawn Dou as Yan Xun
  • Li Qin as Yuan Chun

11. Goodbye My Princess

goodbye my princess top period chinese dramas
Goodbye My Princess | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

If you love dramas not only for joyful moments but also for tragedy, for hatred, sadness, and many other similar emotions they make you experience, you can’t miss this one! Goodbye, My Princess is a tragic historical Chinese drama that centers on a princess who travels to another land to become the crown prince. Her life changes drastically once she becomes the wife of a man second to the Emperor. As if her position isn’t dangerous enough, it reveals that the prince already has his favorite concubine. If you like deadly power plays and tragic dramas, you might want to dive into the series right now!


  • Oliver Chen as Li Cheng Yin
  • Peng Xiao Ran as Xiao Feng
  • Shawn Wei as Gu Jian / Master

10. Rise of Phoenixes

rise of phoenixes best period cdramas kdramaplanet
Rise of Phoenixes | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Loosely based on the novel Phoenix Rise by Tianxia Guiyuan (that is inspired by history), the TV show is fully packed with assassinations, rebellions, and many other similar topics. If you love period dramas for these qualities, not accurately depicted history, Rise of Phoenixes is definitely your cup of tea.
The drama focuses on the life of a girl who gets banished from her household after being accused of a crime. She doesn’t want to give up that simply, so she pretends to be a man and goes to a prestigious Academy. One day, she becomes a Royal Scholar and politician. Will she become vengeful after being manipulated into thinking that the current dynasty is established on the corpses of her loved ones from the fallen kingdom?


  • Aloys Chen as Ning Yi
  • Ni Ni as Feng Zhi Wei
  • Ni Da Hong as Ning Shi-Zheng
  • Zhao Li Xin as Xin Zi Yan

9. The Legends

the legends top list period chinese series
The Legends | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

One of the top historical Chinese dramas, The Legends follows the story of Lu Zhao Yao who gets attacked by immortal sects and dies. She is now a spirit who possesses the body of Qin Zhi Yan, a woman from the immortal sect. Now, she mistakes her ally for a traitor believing that Li Chen Lan is related to her death. Obtaining the new body, Zhao Yao becomes the disciple of Li Chen Lan with the main aim of taking revenge against him.

Watch Trailer For This C-Drama!

However, things don’t go according to the plan when she realizes she starts to fall in love with Chen Lan. What’s more, Jiang Wu, another ambitious character of the story, wants to kill Chen Lan. To make things even more complicated, he becomes interested in Zhi Yan. What is the future of this love triangle? Will Zhao Yao regain her body back and what is the fate of the body she now possesses? And will the love overweight the hatred?

If you want to dive into a lighthearted, sweet story that will leave you wanting for more, include this C-drama to your watch list! One of the things that make it unique is that it doesn’t generalize good and bad, gods and demons. Gods are not essentially good and vice versa.


  • Bai Lu as Lu Zhao Yao
  • Xu Kai as Mo Qing
  • Shane Xiao as Qin Zhi Yan
  • Dai Xu as Jiang Wu

8. Evernight

evernight top chinese historical tv series
Evernight | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

This Chinese historical is set during the Tang Dynasty and revolves around the story of a vengeful man. He is vengeful for a reason. His family was slaughtered. Luckily, he was able to escape and survived thanks to his cruelty and wits. As if his life wasn’t difficult enough, it became even harder after he met a strange girl. She is destined to bring chaos wherever she goes.

Evernight will have you glued to the screen, especially if you love action, beautifully choreographed fights, adventures, and amazing cinematography! Wait, who doesn’t love it?


  • Arthur Chen as Ning Que
  • Ireine Song as Sang Sang
  • Adam Cheng as Narrator
  • Crystal Yuan as Mo Shan Shan
  • Zoey Meng as Ye Hong Yu
  • Kris Sun as Prince Long Qing

7. Ashes of Love

ashes of love best chinese historical tv series
Ashes of Love | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

One of the best period Chinese dramas, Ashes of Love tells the romantic story of two prisoners. She is the daughter of Flower Goddess and he is the son of Heavenly Emperor. Make sure you check it out if you want to see a drama that illustrates how strong love can be, even after facing numerous obstacles. Especially if you have nothing against lengthy series and want to dive into the story set in ancient times.


  • Yang Zi as Jin Mi
  • Allen Deng as Xu Feng
  • Leo Luo as Run Yu
  • Faye Wang as Sui He
  • Yukee Chen as Liu Ying
  • Zhou Ting Wei as Qi Yuan

6. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

the romance of tiger and rose best chinese historical drama series
The Romance of Tiger And Rose | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

If you want to watch a C-drama with a unique setup, you should check out the Romance of Tiger and Rose. The historical centers on a girl who dreams of becoming a popular screenwriter. Finally, her dreams come true and her work comes to life. However, things on-set don’t go as smoothly as she wants – the crew continuously criticizes her work. One day, the screenwriter mysteriously gets transported into her own story!

She wakes up in the body of the third princess, a side character with a bad reputation and a short lifespan. She created that character herself, and now she is desperate to change her fate! But it isn’t that easy to do, especially taking into account the fact that she catches the attention of two men! Will she manage to find her way back into reality or will she be stuck in the world of her own making forever?

Watch Trailer For This Historical C-Drama!

This drama is unique in its way – even though it parodies typical drama tropes, it places a comic spin on them, what’s more, in a completely another reality. It’s quite fast-paced. Each plotline is resolved within several episodes and various plot twists push the story forward so that it doesn’t lose steam.


  • Rosy Zhao as Chen Xiao Qian
  • Ryan Ding as Han Shuo
  • Zhou Zi Xin as Chen Chu Chu

5. Story of Yanxi Palace

story of yanxi palace  top list best cdramas historicals
Story of Yanxi Palace | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The Story of Yanxi Palace revolves around a girl who becomes a palace maid in the Forbidden City. She does so to reveal the truth behind the death of her sister. She is in good relations with the kind Empress, who helps her to let go of hatred. However, the girl becomes vengeful again after the Empress’ death. Finally, she meets the Emperor personally. Soon, they even form a stronger bond between them. But they should always remember that the palace is full of intrigues.
This C-drama has all the features of a typical historical: rivalry among concubines and different palace schemes of how to overthrow one another. Yet, it has some unpredictable plot twists and the main heroine is independent and stays loyal to anyone who wishes her good.


  • Wu Jin Yan as Wei Ying Luo
  • Nie Yuan as Emperor Qianlong
  • Charmaine Sheh as Consort Xian
  • Xu Kai as Fuca Fu Heng
  • Qin Lan as Empress Xiaoxianchun
  • Tan Zhuo as Imperial Noble Consort Huixian

4. Eternal Love

eternal love best chinese period cdramas
Eternal Love | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

The story in Eternal Love spans several lifetimes. It centers on two main characters – a fox spirit and the crown prince who fall deeply in love with each other. Yet, their love is constantly facing obstacles. They struggle and can meet each other only in the next lifetime. Isn’t that sad? Are they destined to struggle or will they finally be together and become happy? This is one of the most-watched C-dramas! If you want to dive into a fantasy world full of demons, gods, and immortals, you can’t skip this one!


  • Yang Mi as Si Yin / Su Su / Bai Qian
  • Mark Chao as Mo Yuan / Ye Hua / Jin Lian

3. The Story of Ming Lan

the story of ming lan top cdrama list period dramas
The Story of Ming Lan | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

This series revolves around the life of Ming Lan, a concubine-born 6th child. She tries to survive in a place where no family love exists and everybody is against each other. The story also introduces us to Gu Ting Ye, a guy from a rich household who is supposed to inherit wealth not only from the parents but also the title. However, he becomes another victim of family plotting and ends up losing everything. Ming Lan and Gu Ting Ye join forces and rise in their positions soon. They will shape the new regime in the Empire, so let’s see it together.

Here’s the drama for you if you are not looking for a love story told on the grand scale and that is the major theme of the series (like it is in Eternal Love, for example). In The Story of Ming Lan, a romantic story is just one of many aspects. Also, unlike in many other historicals, here you will not see palace intrigues and schemes. It’s a good watch for a whole family, full of depth and complexity.


  • Zanilia Zhao as Sheng Ming Lan
  • William Feng as Gu Ting Ye
  • Zhu Yi Long as Qi Heng
  • Karlina Zhang as Sheng Ru Lan
  • Kira Shi as Sheng Mo Lan

2. The Untamed

the untamed top list historical chinese drama series
The Untamed | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

If you like complex plots and are looking for an interesting storyline that focuses on the boy’s love as well as friendships and romantic love, give a shot to this Chinese series! The Untamed is great for anyone who likes wuxia and the fantasy genre in general.

The story focuses on the lives of two male disciples who come from different clans. Suddenly, they hear about a secret that places the peace of their world at risk. They try their best to prevent bad events, but one of two disciples dies in the process. Sixteen years pass, and the lost friend comes back to life. Then, he decides to continue working with his friend solving mysterious secrets.


  • Sean Xiao as Wei Wu Xian
  • Wang Yi Bo as Lan Wang Ji

1. Legend of Fuyao

legend of fuyao best chinese historical period dramas to watch
Legend of Fuyao | Top 23 Historical Chinese Drama Recommendations | kdramaplanet

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the list! If you are still wondering what Chinese historical drama to watch, check out this one! Legend of Fuyao is set in the unique universe of five kingdoms led by an imperial city. Fu Yao, a slave girl from one of the kingdoms is the protagonist of the story. Watching the drama, you will see how a slave girl transforms into a powerful woman. It’s really interesting to see how the character changes throughout a series! The girl sets out on a journey across all the kingdoms to find a solution to her problem – an evil curse set upon her. You will also be pleased to see a beautiful love story!


  • Yang Mi as Meng Fu Yao
  • Ethan Juan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji

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  1. Legend of Yun Xi : My god, took me forever to get over this drama but watching this little 5 min clip puts me back into my feels. I forgot how hot Zhang Zhe Han was. I had a very hard time trying to move on from this drama, and the thing that made me move on is actually reading the novel i’m hopeless

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