17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 - kdramaplanet 2

17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 - kdramaplanet 2

Here’s the list of the 17 best rom-com Korean dramas in case if you are looking for an enjoyable and lovely series of this genre. On this list, you will come across different ones – sci-fi/school/youth/friendship/medical/twisted or simple.
17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2
17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2

Here’s the list of the 17 best rom-com Korean dramas in case if you are looking for an enjoyable and lovely series of this genre. On this list, you will come across different ones – sci-fi/school/youth/friendship/medical/twisted or simple. They may differ in many aspects, but they have one thing in common – they all are super romantic!

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The List of Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas:

  1. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (32 episodes)
  2. Search: WWW (16 episodes)
  3. My Shy Boss (16 episodes)
  4. A Korean Odyssey (20 episodes)
  5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (16 episodes)
  6. Suspicious Partner (40 episodes)
  7. My Secret Romance (13 episodes)
  8. My First First Love (16 episodes)
  9. Hit The Top (32 episodes)
  10. Fight for My Way (16 episodes)
  11. I’m Not A Robot (32 episodes)
  12. Go Back Couple (12 episodes)
  13. Because This Is My First Life (16 episodes)
  14. Welcome to Waikiki (20 episodes)
  15. You Who Came From the Star (21 episodes)
  16. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (16 episodes)
  17. Kill Me, Heal Me (20 episodes)

17. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Angel's Last Mission Love - 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 - kdramaplanet
Angel’s Last Mission Love – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

One of the top rom-com Korean dramas, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” centers on the life of a distrustful and contemptuous prima ballerina. However, an accident happens due to which she has to stop doing what she has been passionate about. Moreover, it’s difficult for her to trust others since there are many of those who are after her inherited money. It’s difficult if not impossible for her to love anyone because of all these reasons. And then she happens to meet a cheerful and naive guardian angel. He can’t leave the Earth unless he completes the task to find love for the ballerina who has lost faith in anyone in this life. 

If you want to watch a super unique story (maybe with a very little touch of cliché), then don’t hesitate and watch it. You will be immersed in it! Having read the description, you might think it’s a super cheesy plot. However, it’s not the truth. Once you decide to watch it, you will realize it’s not a predictable and typical series. 

Genres: rom-com, fantasy, drama


  • Kim Myung Soo as Kim Dan / Yoo Sung Woo
  • Shin Hye Sun as Lee Yun Seo | Choi Sul Hee
  • Lee Dong Gun as Ji Kang Woo
  • Kim Bo Mi as Geum Ni Na

16. Search: WWW

search www top romance comedy kdramas
Search WWW – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

This Korean rom-com focuses on the 21st-century women who choose work over family. The series mainly follows the story of a competitive woman in her late 30’s, a successful director of a web portal company. Having sacrificed her personal life, she now enjoys success. One day, she meets a man, a composer who falls in love with her and her competitiveness. 

Do you think a series about competing search engine markets is not worth your attention? Well, maybe you are wrong. “Search: WWW” is not only about the search engines. It’s far more than that. It’s a slice-of-life/office K-drama about career women, their fighting in business, the wins and losses. If you are excited to hear about the drama where women are the main characters (which is not typical in K-drama land), it’s a good sign for you to watch it!

Genres: rom-com, business, political, drama, family


  • Im Soo Jung as Bae Ta Mi / “Tammy”
  • Lee Da Hee as Cha Hyun / “Scarlett”
  • Jeon Hye Jin as Song Ga Kyung
  • Jang Ki Yong as Park Morgan
  • Lee Jae Wook as Sul Ji Hwan
  • Ji Seung Hyun as Oh Jin Woo

15. My Shy Boss

my shy boss top rated romance comedy  korean series
My Shy Boss – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

The romantic series “My Shy Boss” focuses on the story of an unbelievably shy CEO of a PR company who usually hides from his employees. He is so introverted and quiet that he uses his office as hiding. Only some of his closest people are allowed to enter it! However, no one in the company knows his true personality. Instead, they are lost in guesses and rumors, so they think of him as an arrogant and cold monster. 

The life of the boss changes once the company recruits new employees. An energetic young woman (who the boss has secretly had a crush on) is one of them. He is unlike any other employee in the company, as she is determined to find out the truth about her boss.

If you don’t mind stories that take some time to build, then check out this one. 


  • Yeon Woo Jin as Eun Hwan Ki
  • Park Hye Soo as Chae Ro Woon
  • Gong Seung Yeon as Eun Yi Soo
  • Yoon Park as Kang Woo Il

14. A Korean Odyssey

a korean odyssey the highest rated romcom korean tv shows
A Korean Odyssey – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

The Korean drama “A Korean Odyssey” revolves around a girl who can see spirits and Monkey King. One day, the girl frees the imprisoned king in exchange for his promise to always protect her. She releases the king, but he makes her forget him, thus, leaving her all alone in the middle of nowhere. In the future, they both meet each other again. 

The drama is based on “Journey to the West”, the Chinese 16th-century novel written by the Hong sisters. Yet, it’s an interpreted version, since the series takes place in the present day and has a romantic twist. If you don’t mind predictable and open endings, give it a try!

Genres: rom-com, horror, fantasy, drama


  • Lee Seung Gi as Son Oh Gong
  • Oh Yeon Seo as Jin Seon Mi / Sam Jang
  • Cha Seung Won as Woo Ma Wang / Woo Hwi
  • Lee Hong Ki as Jeo Pal Kye / P.K.
  • Jang Gwang as Sa Oh Jung / Yoon Dae Shik

13. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

strong woman do bong son best romantic comedy asian dramas
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

This Korean romantic comedy follows the story of a Do Bong Soon, a woman with Herculean strength. She has been given this power thanks to her family. For many generations, women in her family have had this power, and she is not an exception. However, scared of being misunderstood by others, she prefers to keep her strength a secret. She is so fragile and small that it’s not that difficult. Yet, there are cases when she has no choice but to use her superpowers. On one of such days, the CEO of a game company witnesses her strength. Bewildered by what he has seen, the man not only becomes attracted to her, he wants to hire her as his personal bodyguard!

If you are looking for a fun romance K-drama with a few crime elements, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” should be on your watch-list. 

Genres: rom-com, action, thriller, supernatural, drama


  • Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
  • Park Hyung Shik as Ahn Min Hyuk
  • Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Doo

12. Suspicious Partner

suspicious partner 17 top rom-com korean series you should watch
Suspicious Partner (Love In Trouble) – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Like the series above, this one also mixes romance and crime, which is not often seen in K-drama land. If you want to see plot twists and suspense, you’ve stumbled upon the right TV show. 

“Suspicious Partner” (also called “Love In Trouble”) follows the story of two main characters – a man and a woman. He is a prosecutor turned lawyer and she is a taekwondo instructor trained to become a lawyer. They are assigned to work together on a psychopath murderer case, and they slowly start to grow feelings for each other.

Genres: rom-com, suspense, law, thriller, crime


  • Ji Chang Wook as Noh Ji Wook
  • Nam Ji Hyun as Eun Bong Hee
  • Choi Tae Joon as Ji Eun Hyuk
  • Kwon Na Ra as Cha Yoo Jung

11. My Secret Romance

my secret romance best romantic korean dramas to watch
My Secret Romance – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s a rom-com Korean TV show for all those of you who love romantic cliches. If the idea of people united by one-night-stand sounds interesting for you, keep reading about this drama. It’s a short romantic series that you can binge-watch in your free time. However, you may want to skip some repetitive flashbacks. 

As already mentioned above, “My Secret Romance” is all about a woman and a man who happen to have a one-night-stand. He is from a wealthy family and is dating as much as he wishes, while she has never had romantic relations. Some years later, they literally fall into each other’s arms. Was it really destiny that has brought them together? 

Genres: rom-com, friendship, drama


  • Sung Hoon as Cha Jin-Wook
  • Song Ji-Eun as Lee Yoo-Mi
  • Kim Jae-Young as Jung Hyun-Tae
  • Jung Da-Sol as Joo Hye-Ri

10. My First First Love

my first first love best rom-com korean tv shows you shouldn't miss
My First First Love – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

This Netflix K-drama revolves around the lives of four friends who move into one house because of unexpected situations. Two childhood friends, as well as a theater actor, and an heiress to a wealthy family start living under the same roof. We get to know their friendships, love affairs, as well as struggles. 

If you want to watch a simple story about love and friendship, with real-life-like characters, and cute beautiful actors, you will probably like “My First First Love”. It’s lighthearted enough to keep you entertained, but at the same time, it shows life struggles you can relate to. This Korean rom-com will be perfect for those in colleges or just starting to work since there are many issues concerning relationships, family, and finances. 

Genres: rom-com, youth, drama, friendship


  • Kim Ji Soo as Yoon Tae Oh
  • Jung Chae Yeon as Han Song Yi
  • Jung Jin Young as Seo Do Hyun
  • Choi Ri as Oh Ga Rin
  • Kang Tae Oh as Choi Hoon
  • Hong Ji Yoon as Ryu Se Hyun

9. Hit The Top

hit the top (the best hit) 17 best romantic korean melodramas to binge watch
The Best Hit (Hit the Top) – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s light but at the same time a little bit complicated romance comedy. You will like “Hit the Top” if the idea of time-traveling sounds compelling to you. The story centers on a troublesome but well-known singer from a 90’s idol group who time-travels to 2017. Then, he meets two students, and together, they embark on a journey full of friendship and love. 

This series has many things to offer: whether you want a comedy, a fantasy drama, a family series, or a friendship-related TV show, it will be a great choice for you in any case. Basically, it is about the youth in their twenties and the entertainment industry. Well, you already know that you won’t be bored!

Genres: rom-com, life, friendship, drama, family, youth


  • Yoon Shi Yoon as Yoo Hyun Jae / Kim Da Bong
  • Lee Se Young as Choi Woo Seung
  • Kim Min Jae as Lee Ji Hoon
  • Cha Tae Hyun as Lee Gwang Jae

8. Fight for My Way

fight for my way 17 top korean melodramas you should check out
Fight For My Way – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

This rom-com is a true best-friends-to-lovers series. It revolves around four childhood friends. They are learning, stumbling, falling, failing, and achieving – trying to find their purpose in life. So, basically, the show is all about the life of youth in their late twenties. They are fighting for their way, for the life they want. If you want to watch a series full of genuine friendships and passionate dreams, this is a must-watch for you. 

Can you fulfill your dream of becoming a popular taekwondo athlete if you work as a contract employee? Can you become a television anchor if a regular job at a department store is all you have? Can your relationship be damaged easily if you have been dating for years? These are the questions the main characters ask themselves and these are the problems they are trying to solve.

Genres: rom-com, friendship, drama, sports, business


  • Park Seo Joon as Ko Dong Man
  • Kim Ji Won as Choi Ae Ra
  • Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Joo Man
  • Song Ha Yoon as Baek Seol Hee

7. I’m Not a Robot

I'm not a robot - top lovely korean dramas
I’m Not A Robot – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the few robot Korean dramas! The story starts with a man who suffers from a strange kind of allergy. His skin reacts horribly when he is close to other humans. Thus, the rich guy has been living in isolation since his childhood years. It seems like there’s no treatment for this unknown disease. That’s why he is eager to test the robot Aji-3, the latest invention. The interesting thing is that inventor made the machine look exactly like his ex-girlfriend! In the last moment, an accident happens and the robot’s battery breaks down. As you might have already guessed, the inventor asks his ex-girlfriend to be sent instead of a robot!

You will love “I’m Not a Robot” if you like simple rom-coms. If the idea of evolving relations between the leads in their home space sounds appealing to you, then it’s your type of drama!

Genres: rom-com, sci-fi, friendship, drama


  • Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Min Kyu
  • Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ji Ah | Aji-3
  • Uhm Ki Joon as Hong Baek Gyun

6. Go Back Couple

go back couple - the list of top korean melodramas
Go Back Couple – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s a drama for all of you who love the time travel theme. “Go Back Couple” immerses you into the life of a married couple who start to dislike each other. It seems like they have a lot of regrets about their marriage. One day, a miracle happens thanks to which they are given the ability to travel to their student years. They suddenly wake up in those times when they don’t know each other yet. Will they use this mysterious chance to change their future or not?

If you are looking for an emotional romantic comedy, put this one on your must-watch list. However, even though it seems to be a relaxing light series, you will realize it’s not what it seems to be at the first glance. Diving deeper into the drama, you will understand it’s far more than that.

Genres: rom-com, drama, school, supernatural, family


  • Jang Na Ra as Ma Jin Joo
  • Son Ho Jun as Choi Ban Do

5. Because This Is My First Life

because this is my first life - the best romance comedy asian dramas
Because This Is My First Life – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s a K-drama with a marriage contract storyline. It seems like it’s the first series of this type on the list! Do you know those kinds of a plot when a woman and a man marry each other just because of the benefits? Well, “Because This Is My First Life” covers exactly that topic. Start watching this rom-com if you want to see a complex drama with intense scenes!

The romantic story is all about a lonely man in his thirties. He is the owner of a large house, so he decides to take a renter in one of his empty rooms. This way, he will be able to improve his financial situation. However, he receives much more than just money – he meets his new housemate, a woman. 

Genres: rom-com, life, friendship


  • Jung So Min as Yoon Ji Ho
  • Lee Min Ki as Nam Se Hee
  • Esom as Woo Soo Ji
  • Park Byung Eun as Ma Sang Goo
  • Kim Ga Eun as Yang Ho Rang
  • Kim Min Seok as Shim Won Seok

4. Welcome to Waikiki

welcome to waikiki - top 17 romcom kdramas
Welcome To Waikiki – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

If you are sick and tired of rich CEO guys in dramas and want to watch a series where characters live a “regular” life, you can’t miss this rom-com K-drama! You will laugh, grin, and cry while watching how they struggle and succeed. Hilarious, exciting, romantic – these are a few of the words that “Welcome to Waikiki” can be described with.

The story revolves around “Waikiki”, a guest house in Itaewon founded by three young men. They all are different – an actor, a freelance writer, and an aspiring film director. They have no idea to run their business, but they desperately want to get money to release their film. Moreover, they are not alone in their journey. Three women join unexpectedly land in their guest house, thus creating almost an unbearable atmosphere.

Genres: rom-com, life, friendship, youth, drama


  • Kim Jung Hyun as Kang Dong Goo
  • Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Joon Ki
  • Son Seung Won as Bong Doo Shik
  • Jung In Sun as Han Yoon Ah
  • Go Won Hee as Kang Seo Jin
  • Lee Joo Woo as Min Soo Ah

3. You Who Came From the Star

You Who Came From the Star - 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 - kdramaplanet
You Who Came From the Star – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

If you like characters with supernatural powers, then you should pay attention to this rom-com K-drama. «You Who Came From the Star’ (also popular as “My Love From Another Star”) tells an unbelievable story of a young and beautiful alien who works as a university professor on Earth. Little do his students (or anyone else, actually) know that he has lived for many centuries and now is trapped on this planet. He is busy planning his escape from this planet, but his intentions change once he encounters a famous actress. 

Check out this Korean gem popular not only in Asia but in many other countries as well! Especially if you like time-traveling, time stopping, teleportation, and sci-fi in general. Obviously, the show is not only about all these supernatural things. First of all, it’s a great melodrama!

Genres: rom-com, fantasy, melodrama, drama


  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Jun Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hee Kyung
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 - kdramaplanet
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the best rom-com Korean dramas the actions of which take place at a college campus. It centers on a girl who is passionate about weightlifting. She literally can’t imagine a day without these activities. However, even such a dedicated and passionate weightlifter changes when she falls in love. The girl doesn’t want him to know about her passion and hides it from him by any means. 

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” is not a crazily twisted drama, nor it intends to be such. It’s a sweet and cheerful story about the problematic but passionate life of college students. If you think you are interested in such kind of drama, don’t think twice and watch it!

Genres: rom-com, school, friendship, sports, youth


  • Lee Sung-Kyung as Kim Bok-Joo
  • Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jung Joon-Hyung
  • Lee Jae-Yoon as Jung Jae-Yi
  • Kyung Soo-Jin as Song Shi-Ho

1. Kill Me, Heal Me

kill me heal me - the best romantic korean melodramas for you to watch
Kill Me Heal Me – 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2 – kdramaplanet

Here’s the complete opposite to the previous rom-com on this list! “Kill Me, Heal Me” will surprise you with its unstoppable twists and turns. If you expect to see something exciting in every episode, you should definitely check out this series. It’s not typical or boring, it’s unforgettable. The series shows us that it’s better not to ignore our psychological traumas. On the contrary, you should face them and try to cope with them before it’s too late.

This Korean drama revolves around seven different personalities of a millionaire who has personality disorder and suffers from memory lapses. Because of some psychological traumas in his very childhood, his personality is now scattered into multiple ones and he can’t find a way out of it. In desperation, he seeks help from a girl who studies psychiatry. She genuinely tries to help him but ends up having a crush on one of his identities. 

Genres: rom-com, psychological, drama


  • Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun
  • Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin
  • Park Seo Joon as Oh Ri On
  • Kim Yoo Ri as Han Chae Yun
  • Oh Min Suk as Cha Gi Joon

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