Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

Here's the list of top 18 time-travel Chinese dramas for everyone who loves fantasy, historical, and romance genres! This article provides lighthearted as well as twisted and complicated series.

Here’s the list of top 18 time-travel Chinese dramas for everyone who loves fantasy, historical, and romance genres! This article provides lighthearted as well as twisted and complicated series.

18 Best Time-Travel Chinese Dramas:

  1. My Assassin Girlfriend (24 episodes)
  2. Hello Dear Ancestor (24 episodes)
  3. Love & The Emperor (24 episodes)
  4. Suddenly Seventeen (26 episodes)
  5. Love Through a Millennium (24 episodes)
  6. I’m a Pet At Dali Temple (22 episodes)
  7. Tang Dynasty Tour (36 episodes)
  8. To Get Her (30 episodes)
  9. Cinderella Chef (56 episodes)
  10. See You Again (45 episodes)
  11. Oh My Emperor (42 episodes)
  12. Unique Lady (51 episodes)
  13. Closer to You (48 episodes)
  14. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (40 episodes)
  15. Lost Love In Times (56 episodes)
  16. Love Better Than Immortality (40 episodes)
  17. Scarlet Heart (35 episodes)
  18. The Eternal Love (88 series)

18. My Assassin Girlfriend

My Assassin Girlfriend - Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
My Assassin Girlfriend | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are looking for a funny and uncomplicated time-travel Chinese drama, check out “My Assassin Girlfriend”. Here, you will see some of the traditional C-drama themes such as love triangles, amnesia, and enemies to lovers type of theme. Unlike in many other time-travel TV shows, its characters travel to the future, not to the past.

The plot revolves around the king who rules over an imperial court full of corrupt officials. The story tells us how he almost became the victim of another assassination attempt and falls in love with a female assassin. Because of a strange pocket watch, he, his loyal guard, and his beloved assassin time travel to present-day China. The king from the past takes the identity of the rich successor of the Bai Group. However, he faces many problems, since he doesn’t know much about the person whose identity he has taken. Moreover, he realizes that his beloved assassin doesn’t recognize him.

  • Genres: rom-com, fantasy, historical
  • Starring: Ryota, Anna Hollen

17. Hello Dear Ancestor

My Dear Ancestor -  Best 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas
My Dear Ancestor | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s another C-drama where characters travel to the future. The series “Hello Dear Ancestor” is a great choice for you if you want to see a comedy, a drama, or a super touching romance. Except for several sad and serious final episodes, it’s an extremely funny rom-com!
It centers on a man from the Han Dynasty who almost died in a fight for leadership. Thanks for the help of a being from another world, he survives. However, the man falls into a deep sleep and wakes up only many years later. In 2020, he finally wakes up and realizes he possesses superpowers.

Looking for similar dramas to “Hello Dear Ancestors”? Check out the list of Top 9 Interspecies Relationship C-Dramas!

  • Genres: fantasy, sci-fi, rom-com, melodrama
  • Starring: Chen Zhe Yuan, Dong Qing

16. Love & The Emperor

Love and the Emperor - The List of 18 Best Fantasy C-dramas
Love and the Emperor | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Based on the manhua and novel “Shen Gong Chou Nu” written by Bing Se Zhu, the Chinese drama tells us about traveling to the past times. Unlike the previous time-travel Chinese dramas, “Love & The Emperor” has even more interesting fantasy twists. For example, the main character travels through time via a video game where she chooses the most difficult level!

The story centers on an ordinary woman working in a gaming company. She falls head over heels for her boss, but he doesn’t even notice her. Then, she decides to become the first gamer to try out a new game about having a crush on an emperor. In the game, she is an ugly maid who tries to climb up a career ladder in the palace and gain the attention of the emperor.

  • Genres: historical, rom-com
  • Starring: Camille Hua, Alan Luo

15. Suddenly Seventeen

Suddenly Seventeen - The Top List of Fantasy Chinese Dramas
Suddenly Seventeen | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

“Suddenly Seventeen”, one of the top time-travel Chinese dramas, is not about kings, emperors, or a completely another period. The characters of this series travel in time only ten years back. Moreover, it doesn’t focus on the idea of time travel too much. Unlike in the majority of other shows of this genre, it shows how characters try to change their fates using the chance of traveling to the past. Check it out if you enjoy watching series about youth and campus life.

After a conversation, Mao Liang and Liang Xia time travel ten years back into the past. Suddenly, they wake up as teenagers on their old high school campus. Having realized their situation, they want to change the fates of those around them for the better. This story focuses on many support characters, not only on two leads.

  • Genres: supernatural, youth, romance, drama
  • Starring: Jiang Meng Jie, Jiang Chao

14. Love Through a Millennium

Love Through a Millenium - Chinese Dramas about Travelling Through Time
Love Through a Millenium | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Adapted from the popular K-drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man”, this Chinese series centers on the same story of love between a man and a woman from different periods. “Love Through a Millennium” follows the story of an imperial scholar who time travels two thousand years into the future. Hence, he wakes up in modern-day China. There, he crosses paths with a modern-day actress.
If you want to watch a series with a thoroughly explained plot that makes sense, don’t miss this one!

  • Genres: supernatural, rom-com, historical, drama
  • Starring: Jing Bo Ran, Zheng Shuang

13. I’m a Pet At Dali Temple

I'm a Pet at Dali Temple - Chinese Series about Different Time Periods
I’m a Pet at Dali Temple | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This Chinese drama focuses on the story of a woman who turns into a cat and travels in time to ancient times. Then, she comes across a man who suffers from poison. Accidentally, after kissing each other, they realize they can help each other. They decide to set out on a journey to find the mysterious stone that can solve their problems.

If you are tired of watching classical stories full of hatred and betrayal, if you are looking for something fresh and different, then watch this Chinese series. The main leads in the drama “I’m a Pet At Dali Temple” have super lovely chemistry and will make you watch the drama till the end.

  • Genres: historical, fantasy, romance, crime
  • Starring: Xu Kai Cheng, Hu Yi Xuan

12. Tang Dynasty Tour

Tang Dynasty Tour - 18 Best Fantasy C-dramas
Tang Dynasty Tour | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of those time-travel Chinese dramas that are filled with tears and laughter at the same time. The series “Tang Dynasty Tour” follows the story of an archaeologist who travels to the past. One day, he gets caught in a sandstorm while on an expedition and then wakes up in the period of the Tang Dynasty. He does his best to survive in the competitive environment of the Royal Palace and to earn himself a decent life as a court official. Soon, he befriends the Crown Prince and crosses paths with his old love.

  • Genres: rom-com, historical
  • Starring: Wang Tian Chen, Karlina Zhang

11. To Get Her

To Get Her - Top List of 18 Chinese Fantasy Melodramas
To Get Her | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of those time-travel Chinese dramas that are perfect to take a break from heavy dramas full of difficult schemes and angst. The series “To Get Her” is a light-hearted and feel-good rom-com with an interesting plot.

The plot revolves around a popular singer who suddenly gets trapped into a video game as the Prince, the protagonist. His girlfriend is determined to save him, so she enters the game as the Princess, the villain of the story. To achieve her goal, she must help the Prince to become the King. However, the Prince doesn’t want to take the throne – the music is the only thing he is interested in. Moreover, he doesn’t remember anything from his real life, so he considers the Princess to be his enemy, not a friend.

  • Genres: rom-com, adventure, historical, fantasy, youth
  • Starring: Daddi Tang, Huang Ri Ying

10. Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef - Time-Travel Fantasy Chinese Series Rated
Cinderella Chef | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This C-drama has quite a unique story and setting that are different from the majority of others on the list. The main female character time travels not to the Royal Palace, but a bandit tribe. It’s not typical for a drama of this genre, isn’t it? Moreover, the protagonist remains herself despite her new surroundings.

The series “Cinderella Chef” centers on the story of a modern girl who travels through time to an ancient period. Once she wakes up in the new place, she realizes she is kidnapped by bandits. Soon, she enters into a fake marriage with the leader of the gang and starts to break many hearts.

  • Genres: historical, drama, rom-com, fantasy
  • Starring: Zhong Dan Ni, Bie Thassapak Hsu

9. See You Again

See You Again - The List of 18 Historical / Fantasy / Romance Chinese Dramas
See You Again | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Based on the novel written by Sui Huo Zhu, the drama “See You Again” centers on a woman who falls into a coma and. Falling into a deep sleep, she time travels ten years back, to her university days. Thus, she is transported to the times when she hasn’t met her future husband yet. So, she wants to meet him as soon as possible to find out more about his previous life. Obviously, she also is determined to change the future of her relatives and friends for the better by preventing bad events from happening.

  • Genres: sci-fi, romance
  • Starring: Tiffany Tang, Shawn Dou, Yang Shuo

8. Oh My Emperor

Oh My Emperor - 18 Best Chinese Dramas - Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia, Rom-Com
Oh My Emperor | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are bored of twisted and heartbreaking period Chinese series, “Oh My Emperor” is that breath of fresh air that you need. It’s a quick-paced simple fantasy drama with a relatively new concept. You rarely stumble upon TV shows with a zodiac element theme where the main characters are the constellation owners, isn’t it? However, since it’s not an overly serious show but a xianxia/parody C-drama, its storyline might seem somewhat simple and not too clever or unique.

The story is about a modern girl who time travels into the past to a mysterious nation lead by the 12 constellation owners. In this new world, she crosses paths with the current emperor, the representer of the Capricorn constellation.
  • Genres: historical, rom-com, fantasy
  • Starring: Rosy Zhao, Jason Koo, Sean Xiao, Wu Jia Cheng

7. Unique Lady

Unique Lady - 18 Historical / Fantasy / Romance C-Dramas
Unique Lady | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s another “game plot” type of time-travel Chinese dramas on the list. The first part of the show is very lighthearted and comic since a character gets immersed into a game and thinks only of going through the levels. However, the second part is more memorable and makes you get attached to the characters.

The fantasy C-drama “Unique Lady” revolves around a girl who travels into a game world where she wakes up as the prime minister’s daughter. There, she is given the chance to meet many handsome men. According to the rules of the game, she is allowed to come back to her real life when she finds a man who she truly falls in love with. However, she ends up in an arranged marriage with a man who she can’t stand. Will she be able to find love and return home?

  • Genres: historical, rom-com, action, fantasy
  • Starring: Simon Gong, Jade Cheng

6. Closer to You

Closer to You - Top 18 Fantasy Chinese Dramas
Closer to You | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the high school/youth time-travel Chinese dramas that cover societal problems. If you are ready to dive into the world of high schoolers, learn life lessons together with them, root for their dreams, and go through difficult times with them, then you can’t miss this fantasy C-drama.

“Closer to You” centers on the story of a handsome surgeon who travels back to his high school years. He decides to use this unique chance to be brave enough to help his classmate to change her tragic future.

C-Dramas Similar to “Closer to You”: Top 14 Best Slow Burn Romance Chinese Series

  • Genres: fantasy, school, romance, fantasy, youth
  • Starring: Li Yi Nan, Sabrina Zhuang, He Ze Yuan, Wang Rui, Zheng Miao

5. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty

Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty - Best C-Dramas About Travelling Through Time Periods
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you like the highly popular drama “Scarlet Heart”, you will most likely enjoy the Chinese time-travel historical “Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty”. It has the same level of an emotional roller-coaster and a similar quantity of endless palace intrigues. So, if you are into this type of drama, don’t walk away from this one.

This fantasy historical drama follows the story of a girl from modern-day China. She is an architect, so she deals with items from different periods. One day, she is given an item from the Qing dynasty and suddenly she gets transported to that period, right to the Royal Palace! Moreover, it turns out that she has already been here but in her dreams. Back then, she met a man who she liked. However, the memories of both of them have been raised, so they have to go through a lot before they meet again. Hence, the girl from the modern world has no chance but to intervene with endless palace intrigues.

  • Genres: historical, adventure, drama, romance, action, fantasy
  • Starring: Landy Li, Wang An Yu

4. Lost Love In Times

Lost Love In Times - Best Chinese TV Shows About Switching Time Periods
Lost Love In Times | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are a fan of such popular historical C-dramas as “Scarlet Heart” or “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, you will also fall in love with this one. “Lost Love In Times” is based on the novel “Drunk Linglong”.

It tells the story of a Prince and a witch who end up falling in love with each other. They are even brave enough to think of marriage, while their state doesn’t approve of their relationship. It seems like the simple wish to be happy together is too unrealistic and even might lead to a horrible catastrophe.

  • Genres: fantasy, romance, historical
  • Starring: Cecilia Liu, William Chan, Joe Xu, Cecilia Han, Simon Gong, Liu Yi Jun

3. Love Better Than Immortality

Love Better Than Immortality - Top 18 C-Dramas - Time-Travel Theme
Love Better Than Immortality | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are not looking for a high-budget drama with the best complicated storyline and breathtaking sceneries, then you should check out this one. Even though lacking in all those things, it has an incredible main couple and a good love story between them. “Love Better Than Immortality” will please everyone who loves non-existent, totally unrealistic stories. The unusual plot of the drama focuses primarily on a love triangle between a girl and two totally different guys. Interestingly, the evil one is the main lead!

Based on the novel “Through the Thunder Sky” written by Shu Ke, this wuxia transports us to the future 2196. By that time, people reached a new level of life and became immortal. They are no longer worried about many everyday cares. However, fully immersed in the virtual world, they lack genuine experiences. No wonder Chun Hua, the protagonist of the story, is in deep depression because of not being able to experience love. One day, she finds a program that promises to help her find true love but wants her to give up on her immortality in exchange.
  • Genres: historical, rom-com, adventure, fantasy, wuxia
  • Starring: Rosy Zhao, Li Hong Yi, June Wu

2. Scarlet Heart

Scarlet Heart - Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas
Scarlet Heart | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are not looking for a lighthearted fantasy, and on the contrary, are ready to dive into a heart-wrenching historical drama full of palace intrigues, then you simply can’t miss “Scarlet Heart”. It’s one of the most popular stories ever.
This historical Chinese series tells us about a girl from modern-day China who gets into an accident and then wakes up in the Royal Palace. She realizes that it’s completely another period! She time-traveled to the Qing dynasty. Having been transported many centuries to the past, she is now in the body of her old incarnation. It doesn’t take her long to get involved in risky palace schemes and become a part of a love triangle.

  • Genres: romance, drama, historical, tragedy, fantasy, tragedy
  • Starring: Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Damian Lau, Justin Yuan

1. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love - Best Time-Travel Chinese Dramas
The Eternal Love | Top 18 Time-Travel Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

In the continuation of the star-crossed lovers’ theme, “The Eternal Love” tells about the love story of a couple that overcomes countless obstacles and is destined to meet again only in the next lifetime. If you want to get invested in the sad love story between the crown prince and a fox spirit, then don’t hesitate and start watching it!

  • Genres: romance, adventure, historical, fantasy, drama, wuxia
  • Starring: Yang Mi, Mark Chao

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