Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List - kdramaplanet

Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List - kdramaplanet

Here's the Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List for anyone who doesn't have much time on their hands or just wants to take a break from long series.
Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List
Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List

Here’s the Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List for anyone who doesn’t have much time on their hands or just wants to take a break from long series.

Top 14 Short Chinese Dramas:

  1. Proud of Love (20+18 episodes)
  2. Flipped (24 episodes)
  3. Hello Dear Ancestors (24 episodes)
  4. The Rules of Love (12+12 episodes)
  5. My Girlfriends Boyfriend (16+16 episodes)
  6. I Cannot Hug You (16+16 episodes)
  7. The Night of the Comet (16+20 episodes)
  8. The Big Boss (18+18 episodes)
  9. The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love / Moonshine and Valentine (25 episodes)
  10. My Little Princess (16+19 episodes)
  11. Inference Notes (20 episodes)
  12. Memory Lost (12+12+12 episodes)
  13. The Eternal Love (24 +30+30 episodes)
  14. A Love So Beautiful (24 episodes)

14. Proud of Love

Proud of Love - Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List - kdramaplanet
Proud of Love | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

This short Chinese drama revolves around an ordinary girl studying in college and has a caring boyfriend. At the same time, the story introduces us to an introverted boy, an engineering major. One day, he stumbles upon a mysterious mirror and swaps souls with this girl. The soul of the girl enters the body of the aloof boy and vice versa. What about her relationship with her boyfriend?

As if swapping souls and issues that come along with that is not enough, it turns out that the mirror can help them travel through time. Will her efforts to change the past make the future better or only worse?

“Proud of Love” is not a TV series that takes itself too seriously, so have an open mind when watching it. You will hardly find some deep plot here. However, this show heavily emphasizes comedy, over-the-top situations, hilarious acting, and beautiful cinematography. If you are looking for a hilarious supernatural rom-com, then watch it!

  • Episodes: 20 (season 1), 18 (season 2)
    Duration: 20 min
  • Genres: rom-com, supernatural, school
    Cast: Vivian Sung, Thomas Tong, Darren Chen

13. Flipped

Flipped - Top 14 Short Chinese Dramas
Flipped | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

Here’s a short supernatural Chinese drama for the fans of lovely rom-coms with fantasy twists! “Flipped” mainly focuses on the lead couple and their romantic relationship. So, if you watch the series primarily for the romantic scenes, it is your cup of tea!

Here you will get acquainted with the love story between a domineering cold CEO and a rebellious girl. She runs away from home because of her rebellious spirit and crosses paths with a boy who has superpowers.

  • Episodes: 24
    Duration: 30 min.
  • Genres: romance, supernatural, comedy, mystery
    Cast: Kido Gao, Charlene Chen

12. Hello Dear Ancestors

Hello Dear Ancestors - 14 Best Short Chinese Series
Hello Dear Ancestors | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

If you like time-travel series, pay attention to this one. “Hello, Dear Ancestor” is a funny comedy and heart-touching drama at the same time.

In the beginning, the drama brings us back to the Han dynasty and introduces us to a man fighting for leadership. We see how he falls off a cliff and almost dies. Luckily, a being from outer space saves him. However, the man can’t continue living in his world. Instead, he falls into a long sleep and wakes up many centuries later. He opens his eyes in 2020. That is also the time when he realizes he has got superhuman abilities.

  • Episodes: 24
    Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, romance, melodrama
    Cast: Chen Zhe Yuan, Dong Qing

11. The Rules of Love

The Rules of Love - 14 Short Chinese TV Series
The Rules of Love | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

If you don’t expect to see a life-changing series full of serious lessons, and if you simply want to watch something entertaining that will give you feels, check out “The Rules of Love”.

This short fantasy from-com focuses on the adventures of a merperson who has always considered themselves a boy. However, one day he starts to develop feelings for a boy. Since a man happens to be his first crush, he begins to transform into a girl. Because of these sudden changes, the merperson decides to enroll in another college. Unfortunately, due to some obstacles, she has to keep pretending to be a man and hide her feminine side. It becomes especially difficult when she unexpectedly becomes roommates with her crush!

  • Episodes: 12 (season 1), 12 (season 2)
    Duration: 25 min.
  • Genres: rom-com, fantasy, school
    Cast: Wang Yan Bin, Li Jun Yao

10. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend - 14 Best Short Cdramas
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

If you love the robot theme in series, don’t think twice and watch “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”. It’s about two super-advanced love robots – quite unique, isn’t it? Furthermore, it’s quite short. Also, this series is a great choice for you if you are seeking a surprising and unique story with many twists and turns. Be prepared to watch it with an open mind. That way, you will fall in love with this warm C-drama!

One of the top short Chinese dramas, it revolves around an otaku (a young person who is crazy about computers). He is crazy in love with a girl from his school. However, he is not the type of person who would be courageous enough to confess his feelings.
Let’s remember that he is a geek. So, the boy decides to make a robot that would resemble his crush. Mistakenly, he makes the robot model the ideal boyfriend of his beloved girl, not the copy of the girl herself! Later, he finally manages to design the exact copy of his crush. Unlucky for him, the girl robot falls not for him but the male robot! Now, the programmer is stuck home with a hopeless love triangle!

  • Episodes: 16 (season 1), 16 (season 2)
    Duration: 30/35 min.
  • Genres: rom-com, sci-fi, time-travel, robot (interspecies romance)
    Cast: Bai Shu, Leon Li, Elvira Cai

9. I Cannot Hug You

I Cannot Hug You - Top 14 Short C-Dramas
I Cannot Hug You | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

Here’s another lighthearted and fun option for you from our top short Chinese drama list. It’s not an angsts melodrama, but it does carry some serious messages here and there. Pick out this fantasy rom-com if you like the theme of interspecies romance and welcome unique plots.

Adapted from the webtoon “I Cannot Hug You” by Massstar, it revolves around a vampire who lives on the energy of other people. Vampires who feed on drinking human blood are no longer in demand? Similar to real-life energy vampires, the protagonist of the story receives energy through physical contact with humans. As you can see, although it’s a vampire-kind-of drama, it seems to be unusual.

Moreover, a lady vampire falls for a guy who has mysophobia (the fear of contaminations)! They turn out to be neighbors. However, despite this fact, the girl has never been interested in him (actually, not interested in anything in life). She feels an extreme pull towards the boy (and the passion to live) once she meets him in person. Will she be able to get close to him considering her powers?

  • Episodes: 16 (season 1), 16 (season 2)
    Duration: 30 min.
  • Genres: rom-com, sci-fi, fantasy, youth, interspecies romance
    Cast: Xing Zhao Ling, Zhang Yu Xi

8. The Night of the Comet

The Night of the Comet -  14 Short Chinese Series
The Night of the Comet | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

We’ve got you covered even in case if you are seeking mystery! Here’s a time travel sweet love story in our top Chinese drama list!

“The Night of the Comet” focuses on the romance story between a woman and a man who are different as night as day. The King of business in his thirties and an eccentric drama queen in her twenties travel to a parallel universe because of an accident. He travels to a new universe that is set many years before the time he lives in. There, he meets his alter ego who works as an author, as well as his love.

  • Episodes: 16 (season 1), 20 (season 2)
    Duration: 25 min.
  • Genres: romance, mystery, fantasy, parallel universe
    Cast: Melody Tang, Jason Fu

7. The Big Boss

The Big Boss - Best Short Chinese TV Dramas
The Big Boss | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

This is one of those haters-to-lovers kinds of youth school dramas that center on a can-and-dog relationship. So, if you want to watch this type of Chinese series, check it out! “The Big Boss” is entertaining and extremely cute.

Generally, the story is about a girl and a boy who is her childhood friend. He is a typical C-drama-perfect male lead – a super handsome and intelligent young boy. However, our female lead is not excited to see him every single day. So, she is glad to finally transfer to high school, where they won’t be constantly seeing each other. But it turns out he has been transferred to the same class! Unhappy about this fact, the girl wants to take away the class president title from him.

  • Episodes: 18 (season 1), 18 (season 2)
    Duration: 36 min.
  • Genres: school, youth, comedy
    Cast: Eleanor Lee, Huang Jun Jie

6. Moonshine and Valentine

Moonshine and the Valentine -  Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List
Moonshine and the Valentine | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

We’ve already covered several fantasy C-dramas, and here’s another one of them again! “Moonshine and Valentine” is another supernatural drama about I respected love. The story might seem to be predictable. However, it’s really enjoyable thanks to the great chemistry between the leads and the perfect combination of melodrama, romance, and comedy.

The Chinese series centers on a woman who is beautiful inside and out but lonely. She doesn’t know yet that she is cursed ad it has been the reason for all her misfortunes. One day, she crosses paths with a Jade Master, who is basically like an alien.
Over time, he comes to believe that he can save her from a mystical curse of solitude.

  • Episodes: 25
    Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: romance, drama, fantasy, supernatural, action, interspecies romance
    Cast: Johnny Huang, Victoria Song

5. My Little Princess

My Little Princess - The List of Best Short Chinese Series
My Little Princess | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

This drama is refreshing in many aspects. If you are seeking an untypical and funny romantic comedy, check out “My Little Princess”. Here, you won’t see a wealthy male lead and a girl who is chasing after him. On the contrary, it’s a female lead who is rich, and it’s a male lead who is falling in love with her first.

The storyline revolves around an illegitimate heiress of a rich family. Because of her unstable position, she decides to find a wealthy husband. Hence, she chooses one of her wealthy classmates as a target. However, she later realizes that she has mistaken her target for another man. Even after realizing her mistake, she keeps stumbling upon him. What’s more, her true wealthy target has a crush on a poor student!

  • Episodes: 16, 19 (sequel – “My Dear Prince”)
    Duration: 40 min.
  • Genres: school, youth, rom-com
    Cast: Mike Angelo, Zhang Yu Xi, Kenji Chen, Bebe Chang

4. Inference Notes

Inference Notes - 14 Short Chinese TV Series
Inference Notes | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

If romance is not something you are looking for in a Chinese drama, you might like “Inference Notes”. Although the romance is lacking here, the drama is so mysterious and intense, that it will surely get you hooked.

This mystery-solving series centers on an idol girl with a hidden personality and a talented detective who has a conflict with a secret association.

  • Episodes: 20
    Duration: 24 min.
  • Genres: mystery, suspense, detective, youth
    Cast: Wendy Zhang, Neo Hou

3. Memory Lost

Memory Lost - 14 Best Short C-Dramas
Memory Lost | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

This drama is short, but it has three seasons! If you are not in the mood for an overdramatic story, check out “Memory Lost”. Although it does have romance in it, it’s not your typical drama. First of all, it’s an unpredictable crime series about an organization of murderers. How often do you stumble upon such kind of drama? Not that often, isn’t it? Second, each criminal here has their own story of why they’ve become who they became. So, if you are interested in this kind of unpredictable story, you should check it out! Especially if you enjoy mystery, crime, and romance.

The short drama revolves around the story of a police officer who doesn’t give up on his search for his lost fiancée. Everyone tells him that he has amnesia and that the woman he is searching for isn’t real. However, his investigation leads him to a woman who works as a police detective.

  • Episodes: 12 (1 season), 12 (2 season), 12 (3 season)
    Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: mystery, action, suspense, detective, crime, romance
    Cast: Yang Rong, Johnny Bai, Evan Li

2. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love - Top 14 Short Chinese Dramas
The Eternal Love | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

Finally, here’s a time-travel historical series on our Top Short Chinese Drama List! So, if you love magnificent clothes and scenarios that are usually seen in period dramas, you will love it with all your heart! It also consists of everything a typical historical has: battles for the throne, revenge, and romance. However, you should be aware of two things: it’s lighthearted entertainment (the show doesn’t take itself too seriously); it focuses on such mental illness as a dissociative identity disorder.

“The Eternal Love” is a short series considering the number of its episodes. However, it consists of three seasons in total, so it’s not the shortest drama here!

The fantasy rom-com tells the story of a girl who is forced to marry the 8th Prince of Dongyue. However, the thing is that her heart already belongs to his elder brother! In desperation, the girl decides to commit suicide. Miraculously, she doesn’t die. Instead, she wakes up in modern times. Her soul is transferred into the body of a girl who looks the same. Respectively, the soul of the girl whose body she has taken time travels into the past. So, they share their souls in one body – one from the ancient period and another one from modern times! The interesting thing is that the soul switches every time one of the girls tells a lie.

  • Episodes: 24 (1 season), 30 (2 seasons), 30 (3 season)
    Duration: 36/40 min.
  • Genres: rom-com. Historical, fantasy, romance, wuxia, body swap, time travel
    Cast: Xing Zhao Lin, Liang Jie, Richards Wang

1. A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful - Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List - kdramaplanet
A Love So Beautiful | Top 14 Short Chinese Drama List | kdramaplanet

In case if you are craving a short and romantic high school drama, watch “A Love So Beautiful”. Also, it’s a great TV series for anyone who wants to take a break from twisted plots.

The youth from-com centers on two classmates who are also neighbors. A boy and a girl spend the majority of time together. However, it’s only the girl who is expressive about her unconditional love for him. He is highly popular in school for his wits and looks.

  • Episodes: 23
    Duration: 45 min.
  • Genres: youth, school, romance, comedy
    Cast: Hu Yi Tian, Shen Yue, Gao Zhi Ting, Wang Zi Wei, Sun Ning

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