Top 11 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

Top 11 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet

Looking for the best love triangle Chinese dramas? Here, you will find heart-wrenching historical series, action, romantic, or youth dramas.

Looking for the best love triangle Chinese dramas? Here, you will find different types of such series: historical, action, rom-com, or youth dramas. Heart-wrenching, sad, and tragic, they will make your heart beat faster than ever before!

Top C-Drama List | Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas:

  1. Summer’s Desire
  2. Miss Truth
  3. Granting You a Dreamlike Life
  4. The King’s Woman
  5. Sweet First Love
  6. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty
  7. Legend of Yun Xi
  8. Sound of the Desert
  9. The Love Equations 
  10. Goodbye, My Princess

10. Summer’s Desire

Summer's Desire - Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
Summer’s Desire | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s one of the best love triangle Chinese dramas for those of you who love soap opera vibes and twisted entanglements among the main characters. 

The heart-wrenching drama “Summer’s Desire” centers on Luo Xi, who has just reconciled with Xia Mo, his friend. He saved her from a mishap during her performance at an important singing contest. Moreover, he develops some deep feelings for the girl. This makes Ou Chen, another Xia Mo’s admirer, intervene in the situation. The girl spends the next five years studying abroad. Years go by quickly, and they soon meet each other again. However, because of an accident, Ou Chen loses his memory. From this moment, everything in their love triangle becomes confused.

  • Starring: Huang Sheng Chi, Qin Jun Jie, Sophie Zhang
  • Genres: drama, romance

9. Miss Truth

Miss Truth - 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Series
Miss Truth | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This is not simply one of the amazing love triangle Chinese dramas, it’s a great mystery for all admirers of “Sherlock Holmes”, “Criminal Minds”, or “Forensic Files”. Everyone who loves dangers and intrigues will enjoy this drama! 

The events of the historical series “Miss Truth” take place in the Tang Dynasty. Although it is a period melodrama and the actions take place far in the past, you won’t have to delve into historical events of the past. So, let’s say the setting is different, but everything else is just like in any other modern romance drama. 

It follows the story of a forensic examiner who investigated various murder cases. The eighteen-year-old noble girl used to be around corpses. One day, her job makes her cross paths with two men – an assassin and the Emperor’s favorite investigator. While searching for the answers to a criminal case, she finds herself amid a love triangle!

  • Starring: Tim Pei, Toby Lee, Zhou Jie Qiong
  • Genres: drama, romance, historical, mystery

8. Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Granting You a Dreamlike Life - Love Rivalry Chinese TV Shows
Granting You a Dreamlike Life | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s another Chinese series where a female lead is torn between two men. Moreover, it has an interesting setting – although the series is set in modern China, the majority of events take place in the past. In general, the story spans three lifetimes!

“Granting You a Dreamlike Life” centers on a woman who travels from France to Shanghai to find out more about her ancestors. There, she finds an old diary telling the stories from the far 1930s. The interesting notebook reveals the love story of its owner, a woman, and her two friends.  

  • Starring: An Yue Xi, Zhu Yi Long, Kevin Chu 
  • Genres: romance, drama

7. The King’s Woman

The King's Woman - Top List of C-Dramas about Love Squares and Triangles
The King’s Woman | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

One of the best love triangle Chinese dramas, it is about numerous palace intrigues, betrayal, revenge, and mistrust. If you are looking for such kind of series, check out “The King’s Woman”. Packed with countless action scenes and a decent amount of mind battles, it will keep you glued to the screen!

The female lead here is the granddaughter of a military commander, a strong and calculative person. She finds her true love, but the couple is forced to get separated because of a sudden attack. Soon, the girl captures the heart of the Emperor himself. Eventually, she arrives at the palace. Then, she finds out another shocking news – she is pregnant with the child of the man she truly loved.

  • Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat, Vin Zhang, Liu Chang, Li Tai 
  • Genres: romance, wuxia, melodrama, historical, drama, martial arts

6. Sweet First Love

Sweet First Love - Chinese Series About Love Rivalry
Sweet First Love | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

This C-drama is about the relationship between adoptive sister and brother. They are not relatives by blood but they are one family. Based on the novel “Days of Living With Handsome Brother”, the series tells you the story of two kids who grow up together and hate each other but develop a much more affectionate relationship in adulthood. If you don’t have too high expectations from a C-drama, then give it a shot!

“Sweet First Love” revolves around the story of a girl who becomes an orphan at a very young age. Her parents die and she is left under the care of their friends. That’s how she suddenly gets a brother two years younger than her. Their relationship is difficult to call a friendly one. However, many things change when the girl befriends a warm and reliable friend. Because of this guy, she is even determined to enroll in a medical school.

  • Starring: Ryan Ren, Kabby Hui, Zheng Fan Xing 
  • Genres: youth, rom-com, drama

5. Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty

Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty - Top 10 C-Dramas about Love Rivalry
Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

You will enjoy this series if you like the time travel theme or if you like shedding tears over heart-wrenching TV shows. “Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty” is similar to “Scarlet Heart”, another highly popular time-travel series. It provides a similar level of an emotional roller-coaster. So, in case if you liked the mentioned drama, you will enjoy this one as well. 

The storyline centers on a girl from modern-day China who works as an architect. Her life changes once she brings home a strange lantern related to the Qing dynasty. From this moment, strange things start happening. We dive into several hundreds of years in the past, to the Qing dynasty. We see the thirteenth prince dreaming of traveling to the future and falling in love with the girl we already mentioned above! Soon after that, they both are accidentally transported to the dynasty. No doubt they will meet each other again. However, they don’t remember each other from their previous meeting. Moreover, the girl crosses paths with many other princes there: the fourteenth, and the fourth Princes, as well as the Emperor himself. In no time, she finds herself amid the political whirl of palace plottings. 

  • Starring: Wang An Yu, Landy Li
  • Genres: historical, action, adventure, romance, fantasy, drama

4. Legend of Yun Xi

Legend of Yun Xi - Best Romantic Chinese TV Shows
Legend of Yun Xi | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

Here’s another historical option for you from our list of the best love triangle Chinese dramas. With its constantly evolving plot, “Legend of Yun Xi” will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Here, the story is set in a chaotic period, when the Emperor doesn’t open up to anyone, he is full of distrust and distances everyone from himself. That’s why he sets up an arranged marriage for his subordinate, the closest person he has. The Emperor is afraid of him, so he chooses an “ugly” wife for him.

That’s how Yun Xi, the protagonist of the story, is married to the royal family. Little did the Emperor know that she is a talented and skilled doctor, especially when it comes to poisons. In the palace, she gets a lot of opportunities to show off her skills and win admiration by doing so. Soon, she falls in love with her husband as well as befriends many other noblemen. In the blink of an eye, she is getting lost in palace machinations and schemes.

If you like medical dramas, you can choose one from our list of Top 9 Medical Chinese Dramas!

  • Starring: Hu Bing, Yalkun Merxat, Zhang Zhe Han, Ju Jing Yi
  • Genres: adventure, action, historical, wuxia, romance, drama, medical

3. Sound of the Desert

Sound of The Desert - The List of Romantic Chinese TV Dramas
Sound of The Desert | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you are not interested in politics and intrigue, you might want to check out this love triangle C-drama. “Sound of the Desert” gives you all the heart-stirring feels you need but doesn’t delve into the historical part/politics part that much. So, if that’s the type of drama you are looking for, then continue reading.

The story is about an orphan girl with no name and no home. With no place to go to and no one to take care of her, she becomes the child of the desert. There comes a moment in her life when she gets the chance to live in civilization, together with her foster parents. However, that time passes by and she returns to her previous life with wolves once again. Soon, she is brought back to civilization again. This time, she gets to know two men who turn her life upside down. One of them she disregards and the other one she has a crush on but gets rejected. Who she will end up with?
  • Starring: Cecilia Liu, Eddie Peng, Hu Ge
  • Genres: adventure, historical, action, wuxia, drama, romance

2. The Love Equations

Love Equations - The 10 Best Love Triangle C-Dramas
Love Equations | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you look for a Chinese drama similar to “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” or “A Love So Beautiful”, here’s the one. Similar to these dramas, it tells the coming-of-age story about college students. Moreover, “The Love Equations” is adapted from a novel written by Zhao Qian Qian, the author whose stories you’ve seen in the series mentioned above. 

The story follows two enthusiastic and committed university students who have no free time for anyone or anything besides their studies. The girl is a literature student who spends the majority of her time reading detective novels. No wonder she becomes attracted to another passionate student from the forensic science department. Indifferent to everyone around him, he doesn’t give an impression of a person who can attract people or make them fall in love with him. However, these two students get along quite well and even become a couple.

  • Starring: Reyi Liu, Simon Gong
  • Genres: romance, school, drama, youth

1. Goodbye, My Princess

Goodbye, My Princess - Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas - kdramaplanet
Goodbye, My Princess | Top 10 Best Love Triangle Chinese Dramas | kdramaplanet

If you avoid light fluffy TV series and are not afraid to watch a drama packed with sadness, tragedy, power plays, or resentment, watch “Goodbye, My Princess”. Anyway, any love triangle drama is sad and tragic to some extent (but especially this one). 

The historical focuses on a princess who marries and moves from her homeland to the palace belonging to another land. Her husband is no other than a man second to the Emperor. For political reasons, the girl is forced to marry the Crown Prince. In the new place, she doesn’t live as the beloved Princess. On the contrary, her life becomes full of danger and deadly schemes. Soon, she also finds out that her husband already has a favorite concubine and isn’t willing to give up on her because of the arranged marriage.

  • Starring: Oliver Chen, Peng Xiao Ran, Shawn Wei
  • Genres: romance, drama, historical, martial arts, adventure

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