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Wondering what Korean/Chinese drama to watch? Don’t know where to begin? Are you afraid you won’t like the drama? Can’t choose among the vast majority of Asian series?

Our website will help you choose among the whole variety of Asian movies and TV dramas! They are structured into the lists according to their main idea, genre, actors, or even duration. That way, you can make sure you are stumbling upon the drama you will like with all of your heart. We provide only the most useful information for you, the visitor of our website.

Here, you will also find articles about Asian actors, idols, and even K-Pop groups. You will learn many interesting facts about them, as well as get to know all their best works.

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  • Top 32 Supernatural Korean Dramas You Need to See
    Here are the top 32 supernatural Korean dramas for those of you who like the themes of time-traveling, teleportation, rebirth, ghosts, vampires, gods, devils, souls, mermaids, aliens, interspecies love, or other worlds.
  • Top 7 Robot Romance K-Dramas
    Do you like robot romance K-dramas? If so, then check out our list of the top Korean series about cyborgs, robots, holograms, or artificial intelligence (whatever you want to call it). They’ve got everything you could ask for: romance, comedy, fantasy, drama, and action!
  • 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas Part 2
    Here’s the list of the 17 best rom-com Korean dramas in case if you are looking for an enjoyable and lovely series of this genre. On this list, you will come across different ones – sci-fi/school/youth/friendship/medical/twisted or simple.
  • Top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas to Binge Watch
    Here are the top 20 Time Travel Korean Dramas! On this list, you will find the one that will satisfy your cravings! Here, you will see the dramas of many genres and themes: action, mystery, medical, historical, youth, school, criminal, thriller, melodrama, romance, and comedy.
  • Chae Soo Bin | From Historical To Youth Rom-Com K-Dramas
    Here, you will find the list of Chae Soo Bin K-dramas, as well as her bio and facts. She is one of the most popular Korean actresses known for her roles in series like “Love In the Moonlight”, “Where Stars Land”, “Cheer Up!”, “The Rebel”, “I’m Not a Robot”, and other.
  • Bae Suzy Facts and Most Popular K-Dramas
    Here, you will find Bae Suzy facts and most popular K-dramas! There are the facts about her as well as information on K-dramas she has starred in. “While You Were Sleeping”, “Start-Up”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, and “Gu Family Book” are some of the most popular series Suzy has been cast in.
  • Lee Joon Gi | Facts & The List of K-Dramas
    Here, you will find Lee Joon Gi facts and K-dramas. He is one of the most popular and handsome Korean actors and one of the top Hallyu icons.
  • Nam Joo Hyuk | The Hottest Model Turned K-Drama Actor
    This article covers the career path and many interesting facts about Nam Joo Hyuk, the hottest model turned K-drama actor.
  • Top 7 Famous and Most Beautiful K-Drama Actresses
    Here, you will find the list of the top 7 famous and most beautiful K-Drama actresses, their short biographies, and their works!
  • Top 9 Famous and Most Handsome K-Drama Actors
    These top 9 famous amd most handsome kdrama actors are known not only in Asia but all around the world! Their looks and acting are so stunning!
  • Top 9 Love Triangle K-Dramas Worth Watching
    Are you looking for a Korean drama featuring love triangles? Here’s the list of top 9 love triangle K-dramas worth watching! You simply can’t miss them if you like when you feel like your heart will tear apart.
  • Top 15 Korean Dramas With Passionate Romance
    Here are the top 15 Korean dramas with passionate romance. Among them, there are fantasy series with supernatural elements, historical dramas.
  • Top 12 K-Dramas for Beginners
    These top 12 K-dramas for beginners are perfect for those who only start their journey in K-drama world! Choose your first series here!
  • Top 25 Historical Korean Dramas You Will Love
    Are you looking for a good period K-drama? Here’s the list of top 25 historical Korean dramas for you! They are the most interesting of all!
  • 17 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas | Part 1
    Looking for romantic K-dramas? This list includes 17 best rom-com Korean dramas and will help you choose your next favorite series! Watch these series after coming home from a hard, stressful day at work or studying.


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